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The 8bit Extravaganza | Wednesdays @ 9PM (EST)

The Show!

Each and every Wednesday night @9pm the 8bit Extravaganza records LIVE, to be broadcast over Kutztown University Radio’s airwaves the next night. The show is a pandemonium filled trip back into the land of video games, specifically the NES era, fueled by nostalgia and the music of the artists who remix, recreate, and rock out to the melodies that we have poured our lives into.


Each podcast usually is associated with a topic for each show. From time to time our research gets poured into a site so you can follow along while listening to the podcast to what in the hell we’re talking about.

The latest mini-site can be found at


Twice a year the 8bit Extravaganza holds a single elimination tournament to determine your idea of the best games from a particular era.
We have decided the fate of the 8bit(NES), and 16bit eras in a tournament of life and death battles are held from the seeded bracket of 64 games. The winner of the Tournament gets a seat in our 8bitX Hall of Fame.
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Creepy Craiglist
Steel Sterling
5 mins of NES


Started in 2004/2005 time, this show originated on Kutztown University Radio’s airwaves. From there a few years later, May 2008, we have pressed continue. Our game was not over yet, and here we are over a year later and we are still going strong.