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Essential information about CheapBeats = Win & Square Sounds Tokyo

grey Essential information about CheapBeats = Win & Square Sounds Tokyo

What you need to know:

Chiptunes=Win has teamed up with netlabel CheapBeats to bring you 16 tracks from the Volume 3 submissions PLUS 5 bonus jams from CheapBeats’ discography. Tracks are mastered by Narayan Choudury of Smoking Mirrors.

Listening Party!

Online release party happening, as usual, on Nerd Rock Radio via on Saturday, Sept 27th at 9:30 PM EDT with irc in #ChipWINChat (on

Square Sounds Tokyo

The annual chiptune festival is going on this year from JAPAN!   Huge News – ChiptunesWin is the official Chatroom for Square Sounds Tokyo!

Chatroom Link here:

Square Sounds Tokyo 2014 more information

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If you are interested in having your radio show on 8bitX Radio Network, contact us:


Documentary Spotlight – Mega-Lo-Mania Interview featuring MegaRan and Michael Cardoza

grey Documentary Spotlight   Mega Lo Mania Interview featuring MegaRan and Michael Cardoza

Mega-Lo-Mania is a documentary following MegaRan’s Tour of the Southwest with a backing band (The Lo Classics) for the first time ever.

I really enjoyed this interview, as we started off with getting to know Michael Cardoza, the Director of Mega-Lo-Mania.  Michael’s history in the music industry, and how his career as a cameraman for the news channel led him into this new venture with his own film production company. About halfway through we are joined by the one, the only MegaRan! He was currently traveling through the Arizona desert, and we get his take on everything from the recent UK tour, tricks for dealing with customs, crayola crayons, and the burning question of why is Burnt Sienna the best color from the big box of 64?!

So much more and  we really had a blast!

A Player’s Score VGM Interview – LIVE Wednesday!

grey A Players Score VGM Interview   LIVE Wednesday!

Joining me this week on the show will be Kory Caldwell and Keaton Slansky, the directors of The Player’s Score, a upcoming documentary about the video game music scene! I’ll be talking to them about their journey so far, getting concert footage from the likes of the Minibosses, the Triforce Quartet, Mega Ran, Austin Wintory, Danny Baranowsky, the Megas, Danimal Cannon, and more!

The Player’s Score is scheduled for release in 2015, with an original soundtrack by Jake “virt” Kaufman and narration by Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson. Kory and Keaton are currently seeking funds to finish the project here:

The show starts at 8 PM, where I’ll be playing a whole bunch of music from the artists featured in the documentary- then at 9, Kory and Keaton drop in to tell us all about it!

Guests provided by Jayson Napolitano ( and Will Strouse (

Philly Anime Con – J1-Con Sunday September 14th

J1 Con is the largest Anime convention in Philadelphia, and this year they’ve got some great stuff going on. Organized by Philly’s own GEEK OF THE YEAR Jason Richardson, this year looks to be the best J1 Con yet!


grey Philly Anime Con   J1 Con Sunday September 14th

Not only will she be gracing the floor with her presence, she will have a table to sell her Maki Roll’s Chop Shop products, and she will be one of the judges in the Cosplay Contest!!!!

grey Philly Anime Con   J1 Con Sunday September 14th

Lua is a Cosplayer, a Suicide Girls model and crafty lady hailing from the beautiful state of New Jersey. Within her two years of cosplaying she has traveled through the east coast and across the country for many conventions.

Gaming Tournaments!

Tournaments have CASH Prizes! Continue reading

Chiptunes = WIN Volume 3 Listening Party

We are honored to be the home of Sam Mulligan’s Nerd Rock Radio, every Monday night holding down the chiptune scene here on 8bitx.

On Monday September 1st Nerd Rock Radio is having a special event. Chiptunes = Win Compilation Volume 3 is being released, and Nerd Rock Radio has the listening party starting at 7PM Eastern! 

Essential Links

Passionate about Chiptunes? If you are interested in hosting a show with 8bitX Radio Network, contact!

Soundcloud Preview of the first 25 tracks!!


Knight of the Round – Celestial Voyage – Official Music Video

Filmed at BITGen Gamerfest 9 & other events around the country, the video primarily features action from the up close views of Go Pro cameras attached to various instruments, a first person drummer camera, and more!

Music video releases are few and far between in the VGM Community, so this is a really big deal for this much production to go into this single’s release!