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Behind the Scenes – Game Music Lullabies

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cover Behind the Scenes   Game Music Lullabies

Project Director Jayson Napolitano joined us for a one of a kind behind the scenes look into the creation of this music SERIES. Jayson reveals most of the lineup in what we found out would be the next installment possibly dedicated to Secret of Mana…..

We journey through Jayson’s personal vision of putting this project together, over decade in the works, and how he ended up signing Norihiko Hibino and AYAKI to perform.  We also discuss how they actually created each song, what went into the track order, and how Mustin had a say in the process.

The future of physical media was discussed as Jayson & Will explained to the audience what cassette tape is!

MAGCast Episode #6 Available for Download!

play audio MAGCast Episode #6 Available for Download!

MAGCastBanner MAGCast Episode #6 Available for Download!Listen in this week as Adam wants to talk to Levar Burton for 700 dollars, Dom struggles with technology, Ryan wears a bedazzled hat, Huey learns the difference between rapping and playing basketball, and Mike TV simply can’t handle Goodwill’s bad will.

We are also joined by the “Weird Al of Video Games” himself, INSANE IAN!

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New Contract signed for AMF & Microsoft

The Saga continues.

Apparently one day after Austin Wintory took to the interwebs with a rant about how his union (the American Federation of Musicians) was fining him $50,000 for collaborating with non-union musicians to complete The Banner Saga soundtrack, the union signs a 2 year deal with Microsoft to allow musicians to be compensated.

The Deal
$300 per musician for a 3 hour session. This deal is valid with Microsoft until October 2016 which allows use of the recording in the game and subsequent sequels.

Austin Wintory’s Response
Austin took time to respond on his twitter account to the news stating “There are DEFINITE problems with this contract but if even ONE session emerges from it’s a substantial step up from the last 2 years.”

We can only imagine. One session being used in a game and it’s sequels for one time fee. What about things like soundtrack rights? Other entertainment industries have compensation fees based on the performance of the title.

These issues have yet to be addressed, since we don’t have full details on the contract just yet Austin continues on a larger issue with the culture of AFM, “Note that this still does not solve the problem of a threat and intimidation-based culture within the union."

We will be sure to keep you updated on this story as it develops.


Austin Wintory speaks out for Video Game Composers

Austin Speaks Out:

Staring down the barrel of a $50,000 fine, the Grammy Nominated video game composer Austin Wintory is taking a stand against his own union, American Federation of Musicians, in the name of Video Game Music.

In a nutshell the union did not like the fact that Wintory went outside the union and collaborated with Dallas Wind Symphony for the score of The Banner Saga.

In a passionate explanation which is a must see, Wintory risks being further punished from the union in order to tell the truth:

"On behalf of those who create music, and behalf of those who love listening to it and playing games, make your voice heard that the practice of intimidation and suppression of those who speak out against that cannot be allowed to continue."

Under the recruiting webpage, the AFM advertises video games as a medium that is covered in their contracts and collective bargaining section of their Why Join Page:

Contracts/collective bargaining. The AFM negotiates wages and working conditions in order to maintain minimum standards for its members involved in recording, TV shows, music videos, commercials, films, video games and traveling theatrical productions.

We have reached out to American Federation of Musicians for comment and opportunity for interview.


Rhythmus Records seeking “8bit” music submissions

Boston based record label focusing on 8bit music culture looking for track submissions
for compilation & ep release.

Chip fans please send 5-10 tracks to rhythmusrecords by June 25th for review. 5 tracks that “suit” the label best could be picked. One track would be used for initial kick-off compilation & the other 4 would be kept “on-hold” until the release date of an ep.

Source: Chip Music Facebook Group]