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Dec 17th: Super VG Christmas Party GETS WEIRD!


On a special 2-hour edition of Getting Weird with Nole and Josh, we’ll be joined by Ian Luckey, the project coordinator and producer for Super VG Christmas Party, which came out recently.

We’ll be listening to as many tracks as we possibly can from this massive compilation, and fielding your questions for Ian about the project.

So for now, download this awesome compilation of winter/Christmas themed songs from over 100 musicians. This is OVER TWO HOURS OF MUSIC FOR FREE!!

Per usual, use the links below to get involved and voice your questions:

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Thursday Update, DOOM turns 21, Super VG Xmas Album, NXTRevolution


So I’ve been trying to get this update out for a few hours, but between NXTRevolution &  The Black Tribbles both being amazing tonight, and then I discovered this.

D00m turned 21 on December 10th. Not only is DOOM 21, but John Romero is releasing concept art via his personal Twitter, and it is completely fascinating!  Check out some of the gems, including DOOM GUY projected on a building!

Super VG Christmas Album

Most folks around the office/work are playing their boring ass Christmas albums. Good thing that 42 artists from the VGM community are here to save us from more uninspired bland Christmas covers!

[bandcamp width=400 height=472 album=479303407 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 artwork=small]


Video Game Music Featured in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

*Nov 27 - 00:05*
Across the world the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is a tradition since 1924, and this year we’ve discovered there will be a treat for Video Game Music fans!
A dance routine to feature nearly 500 dancers from across the United States will feature a choreographed dance to video game music!! Some game titles announced were Mario Kart and Pac-Man, and the dance will take place in front of Macy’s store during the parade.

Historical Significance

This is a landmark moment for Video Game Music. While video game characters have been featured in the form of Sonic (1993),  Pikachu (2001), and this year’s debut of Eruptor from Skylanders, video game music itself has never been a feature in the parade. As halftime shows at college football games have shown, these routines have mainstream appeal, and the organization of 500 dancers from all over the country should prove to be a wonderful moment for us VGM fans.

8bitX Thanksgiving Programming

While you are out and about 8bitX will be featuring blocks of music from Tecmo Bowl to celebrate Thanksgiving!
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VALKYRIE III: Queens Road, MegaRan releases Philadelphia Way, Excellence Pro Wrestling Update


Nobuo Uematsu rocks our shirt, you can too!

8bitX Appearance at Excellence Pro Wrestling November 8th

8bitX’s next appearance will be at Excellence Pro Wrestling’s “Turkey Tumble” on November 8th. Will Strouse will be calling the action alongside Tim Taylor, and there will be 8bitX Tshirts for sale during intermission!




VALKYRIE III: Queens Road VOD available now!

In more wrestling news, 8bitX is proud to help bring one of the hottest professional wrestling promotions direct to you! VALKYRIE Women’s Professional Wrestling has featured international superstars in an effort to demonstrate that women’s wrestling is much more than what you see on Monday nights. Queens Road is the third show put on by this rising promotion, and this show his hard-hitting from beginning to end.

My favorite match in this event is what VALKYRIE has billed as the Battle of Honor: “The Baddest Woman on the Planet” Bonesaw Jessie Brooks vs. Mia Yim. These two have a match that left me stunned. Such high impact action, each one of these athletes wanted to prove to not only themselves, but to the sport what they were made of. You want to see a smash-mouth wrestling match, these two brought would not be denied the honor of giving it all they had, and left me cheering in the end in for one of the best matches I’ve seen in quite some time in any promotion on the planet.

Megaran Free Music

Finally, MegaRan has been KILLING IT on Kickstarter, as of this writing it’s at $7,592, which is $2,592 OVER the $5,000 asked for the Director’s Cut of Mega-Lo-Mania. Do yourself a favor and check out our interview with MegaRan from when the Kickstarter was released last week!

MegaRan never lets us down on the music-tip since his Kickstarter is doing so well we get a free track! This one hits REALLY close to home. I’m a Philadelphia sports fanatic. I grew up right outside of West Philly, suburb called Darby, no not the Upper Darby Tina Fey is from that is up the road…. I’m from Darby, and have loved sports all my life.

Certain 610WIP shows have influenced my radio style when I’m hosting my shows, and the love runs so deep it’s hard to bring into words. Enter MegaRan.  Take a listen, it’s something that resonates with me so I thought you guys will like it too. I’m still mad he included the call from the 93 World Series. I think that was Mustin‘s call though…