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Dan Newbie’s Amazing Videos, The Black Tribbles Halloween Special

grey Dan Newbies Amazing Videos, The Black Tribbles Halloween Special

Black Tribbles Airs Oct 30th 9PM Eastern

The Black Tribbles return October 30th on 8bitx! The Philadelphia Geek Award winners for “Streaming Media Project of the Year” and also “Geek of the Year” Jason Richardson form like Voltron to entertain you each and every Thursday. Broadcast on G-Town Radio, the sound from Germantown, and simulcast right here on 8bitx!

Episode 165:
Your favorite costume. The best piece of candy. The house up the street that gave everybody candy corn. Share your Halloween Memories with the Tribbles Thursday Oct. 30th 9pm LIVE on BLACK TRIBBLES PRIME

Dan Newbie’s Freaking Amazing

Sometimes when you see something on Youtube you think, “pffffffft that’s not hard”. Then there are times that you see something you simply cannot believe is legitimate, and you have to truly marvel at the skill and ability of someone showcasing their talents in the show and tell that is Youtube.

Enter Dan Newbie. Dan Newbie is just like us, with a desire to showcase his nerdom while also demonstrating a “specific set of skills“.  Mr. Newbie can make audio magic with his infinite supply of wine glasses, and patience.  He’s covered Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Skyrim, and Game of Thrones theme songs by using wine glasses and striking them with pencils. Sounds simple right?

According to Dan Newbie when asked on YouTube, it takes 15 to 30 minutes to find the right pitch for EACH GLASS. Talk about dedication! Take into account the Super Mario Bros video, below, had 48 Wine Glasses, 2 pencils, a 1 frying pan, 7 microphones 2 cameras, this man has really put serious time and effort into making these videos look effortless.

8bitX salutes Dan Newbie for his efforts and endless dedication. We have experience editing audio & putting videos together and we realize what a monumental task this is given the instrument that Dan has chosen to play these classics! If you can, support Dan Newbie via his Patreon, which at the time of this writing has 8 contributors. Dan’s popular videos have over a million views! Side note, Dan is paying the royalty fees and licensing out-of-pocket for these songs. Huge props to Mr. Newbie, so once again if you can, support this rising artist in his efforts to bring about more covers and great songs!


Excellence Pro Wrestling – Turkey Tumble – Nov 8th

Introducing Excellence Professional Wrestling (EPW)

grey Excellence Pro Wrestling   Turkey Tumble   Nov 8thI first joined up with Excellence Professional Wrestling during the summer, and they put on a good show. Recently EPW has hit a whole new level. Their matches at the last event, Eclipse, ranged from comedic clashes between two wrestlers portraying wild animals, to big fights between two men who had a personal issue. Each wrestler strives to prove they are the best in EPW, and climb the ladder in the Championship Point Series.

I had the honor of calling the action along side @notthetoolman Tim Taylor, and it was an absolute blast. Look to this growing company to consistently put on quality shows with young rising stars who are eager to make a name for themselves.

The next show is November 8th entitled Turkey Tumble, and a portion of the card has been announced on the Facebook event located here.

8bitX will be there with our “Yes I Listen to Video Game Music” Tshirts for sale during intermission as well!

Stand out stars from Eclipse:

MegaRan Interview & Kickstarter airs tonight 6PM Eastern

grey MegaRan Interview & Kickstarter airs tonight 6PM Eastern

The Regiment & Random team up for this epic EP!

MegaRan Interview Airs Tonight 6PM Eastern

First off if you haven’t heard any of the album, STOP, or as the kids say STHAP, and check out the FULL ALBUM for free:

Megaran comes out with a VENGEANCE, with a more aggressive style than we’re used to, and it is AMAZING. I cannot wait to hear more of this side of MegaRan.

I interviewed MegaRan at BitGen Gamerfest 9 and introduced him to the live audience as, “The hardest working man in VGM”.  The man lives up to the hype. Right now MegaRan aka Random is supposed to be on a break from his frantic worldwide tour schedule. I receive a text from the best MC in the game right now about a new album being released AND a kickstarter. My question is WHEN DOES HE SLEEP!?

If you missed our interview last month with Mega Ran & filmmaker Michael Cardoza, you can check that our right here.

The Mega-Lo-Mania Documentary follows MegaRan across his tour of the Southwest US. Right now the film is only available on DVD, and MegaRan explained, “In today’s downloadable content world, we wanted to give everyone something they can hold in their hand”.  Due to popular demand, fans are clamoring for this product on the more modern distribution channels like Netflix, Itunes, and Amazon. In response MegaRan has put together a Kickstarter campaign for the Director’s Cut to cover the over $5,000 which is the base costs of getting onto these distribution platforms.

Once again we will be talking to MegaRan today and the interview will be airing at 6PM Eastern on 8bitX Radio Network



Key Staff resigns, Awesome Interviews, Happy Birthday Foley, Wireless Adapter Tip

grey Key Staff resigns, Awesome Interviews, Happy Birthday Foley, Wireless Adapter Tip

Click here for an exclusive track from Grant – “Saloon”

Key Staff Resigns

So for last few years we’ve kept this site to strictly VGM updates, and in particular, updates on guests and interviews upcoming on our radio stream. I’ve made the decision to put more updates up on how 8bitX works, and this is the first effort of that movement.

Recently we’ve had a key member of our staff focus on what is most important, real life. JT Murphy has dedicated a ton of time from his show many years ago, “The Blue Shell Manifesto”, to most recently his efforts under the name “Explosivo Show”.  JT not only kept his show running throughout the year, he also ran our radio streaming content, supplying updates each week for our listeners.  As JT departs focusing on making actual money, we have always made it known that JT has a home here with the 8bitX family as we call it.

JT will still be around the 8bitX stomping grounds on Steam, so stay tuned for that!


You Bred Raptors

Pre-Order Grant from You Bred Raptors?

You Bred Raptors? Bassist Epileptic Peat – sat down with Peat to discuss a range of topics, his childhood, juggling, appearance of YBR at MAGFest 8.5, the new album “Grant”, their various residencies, and of course, some classic moments in Jurassic Park. The interview concludes with an exclusive track off the new album “Grant” which releases in November.

Listen to the interview with Peat & the exclusive new track “Saloon” here.

Gamer’s Rhapsody

Thomas Spargo, the creator of Gamer’s Rhapsody sat down with us to promote the first ever Convention in the Twin Cities focusing on video games & music. Thomas has a surprising path to the video game music community, it involves Crash Bandicoot and his PS1. Find out the first Zelda game Thomas ever played, and I promise you will be SHOCKED.

Check out the complete Gamer’s Rhapsody Interview with Thomas Spargo here

Happy Birthday

My son turned four years old over the weekend, and we had a great time the day of. The week before has been a hectic blur of crazy cleaning and 55 gallons of Fantastik cleaner on every surface of my life. We ended up going to the 8th Wonder of the World Model Train Exhibit, and then back to house for hot dogs, wings, cupcakes, presents, and for the adults, Yuengling. Continue reading

Gamer’s Rhapsody Interview with Thomas Spargo

grey Gamers Rhapsody Interview with Thomas Spargo

grey Gamers Rhapsody Interview with Thomas Spargo

The first ever video game media expo descends upon the Twin Cities with a great lineup for VGM fans across the world.  We sat down with Thomas Spargo to find out what went into this event, and why he felt Minneapolis was prime for such an event.

Spargo also offered his unique experience with video games, and how the PS1 was instrumental in his falling in love with Video Game Music. Much to our surprise, Spargo never played a Zelda title until a DS title! An interesting journey through his gaming lineage to say the least!

Guests appearing at Gamer’s Rhapsody include, but are not limited to: Emily Reese, Disasterpeace, Dale North, OverClocked Remix, Tim Turi, Jake Kaufman, Nerd Enhanced Sound, and many more!

Get your tickets now!

Gamer’s Rhapsody creator Thomas Spargo LIVE 10PM Eastern!

grey Gamers Rhapsody creator Thomas Spargo LIVE 10PM Eastern!


About Gamer’s Rhapsody

Gamer’s Rhapsody is a festival celebrating videogames through the appreciation of music, art, and creative writing.
Founded in 2014, the inaugural event hopes to provide fans of videogame music, art, fan fiction, and more with two days of programming that will include live music performances, panels hosted by videogame industry professionals and Internet personalities, art workshops, a vendor space, an indie game showcase featuring local developers, and more.
The inaugural event will take place in St. Paul, Minnesota from November 15, 2014 to November 16, 2014.
Learn more about Gamer’s Rhapsody: