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8static Festival

8static Festival is the largest chiptune festival on the east coast!


8bitX will be working to broadcast live from Philadelphia on October 17th – 19th to bring this event to you, with the following media organizations:

Chiptunes=Win, Clipstream, Arecibo Radio

Acts scheduled to perform:
DecktonicChibi-TechBaron KnoxburryNO CARRIERGlomagSSD EngageKnife CityCheap DinosaursRo-BearDanimal CannonDj CUTMANChipocriteTrey FreyBatsly AdamsCHiKADisasterpeaceAnimal StyleAlex MauerA_rivalBit ShifterVoid Visionemul8Br1ght Pr1matean0vaNULLSLEEPCorset LoreBubblyfishDIY_DestructionGuybrushadamgetsawesomeRadlibexileFakerrainbowdragoneyesSaskrotch[XC3N]SKGB

Check back here for updates, as we will be embedding the video right on this page so you can watch the entire festival!

Watch live video from Clip_stream on

For more information such as the schedule, the venue, and 8static in general hit up

X-Hunters @ NextLevel Video Games NJ

November 10th, 2012 - The X-Hunters played live from Next Level Video Game Store in an awesome hometown performance! We have the entire thing in HD, as we were there to take in all the awesome that is the X-Hunters.

The World is Square @ Next Level Video Games

The World is Square plays at Next Level Video Games in New Jersey. The entire set has been captured in HD, as the folk-rock band continues to rock the east coast!

Amanda Lepre & Friends @ Kung Fu Necktie in Philly

Amanda Lepre invaded Philly with a little bit of everything. Some Those Who Fight songs, some originals from Beneath The Forest of Error, and some amazing cover songs! My favorite was the Paparazzi Lady Gaga metal cover that has to be heard!