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  1. Hey kids!

    It’s June 5th and I’m listening to your Black Tribbles. Very entertaining! I’m new to 8BitX radio, but stream it pretty regularly now and it kicks ass, tatsumaki style! I feel compelled to write because even as I do, you’re having an engrossing discussion about how you’d like to improve your program. Perfect timing because my only criticism (even though I can take it in stride) is the use of “the N-word”.

    Okay, so let it be known that I’m a white Canadian. Hahah, dunno if that has any significance, but maybe if you get lots of feedback on today’s show you can create an opinions demographic or something :P Anyway, you were discussing the possibility of implementing some level of self censorship. IMHO, I’m fine with the swearing because everybody does it –it’s common ground and it’s colorful so fuckit, let that shit fly! Even though I live in Vancouver, where there’s like 12 black people in the whole city (what’s up with that?) I recognize that the N-word in a lot of places is a ubiquitous informal identifier with almost zero racial connotations… long as it’s used by a brother or a sister ;)

    Luckily you don’t have to watch me struggle to make my point and this letter is a finished product! I guess what I’m saying is that while people from any walk of life or culture can like or dislike profanity, words negatively synonymous with race are much more targeted or exclusive.

    Short version: I’m cool with the show as it is, but maybe you’d have broader appeal without the N-bombs.

    No matter what you do, keep it going!


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