ChipWIN Track #6: PixeLove by LukHash

Right off the heels of PK‘s excellent writeup on Chipzel, we’ve got #6 coming at you today! And by yet another new challenger!!! George Rollason aka masochr1st aka SkRAWRk of, here to tell us all about….


So let’s kick off write-up #6, PixeLove by LukHash, the Polish chipfusion extraordinaire!

After the build-up at the end of Can’t Stop Us by Chipzel, Lukhash throws us right into nothing less than a masterclass in the art of mixing musical genres. Fusing sharp drum beats from the likes of drum ‘n’ bass, distorted bass wubs from dubstep, melodic synth lines reminiscent of techno, classical violin sounds that wouldn’t go amiss in the best ambient albums and vocal samples that sound like they were ripped straight out of a Japanese vocaloid track, LukHash manages to create a punchy yet memorable track that will make you want to bounce, throw your arms around, chill out and just start breathing deeply and thinking reflectively. The whole track is a journey from start to finish; the tone and mood of the piece really managing to touch you at points. Whilst this is a branch out from chiptunes in general, it’s definitely an irreplacable part of the album and everything that LukHash does on this track he does well.

Further exploration of LukHash’s works reveals five albums containing an impressive 64 songs, produced over many years. Making music since 2003 and experimenting with chiptunes since 2009, LukHash certainly knows his stuff. His most recent album, Digital Memories, is a 13-song collection of everything portrayed in his ChipWIN exclusive song, plus more! While this fusion of genres with mild chiptune influences isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill stuff and it’s definitely out there, it’s still great and there’s some really great chiptune-y synth runs in lots of his songs.

If you’re a chiptune purist, maybe LukHash isn’t quite the artist for you, but if you’re into looking for interesting new music that’s experimental rather than just nostalgic, go download this guy’s albums for FREE and donate to his site if you dig ‘em. Which I guarantee you will! ;D

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