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Chris Huelsbeck Interview


the-hoff-at-the-wallAfter a disastrous attempt yesterday, Chris Huelsbeck graciously agreed to return tonight for a second attempt at a live interview. It was worth the wait!

2 hours of awesome stories from Chris’ introduction to gaming, his origins with Shades, and then we sampled some of the music from the record setting Kickstarter for The Piano Collection & Score Book.  We then dove into hilarious stories from Italo Disco, David Hasselhoff, scarves, how Audi met/stalks Chris, and even a quick story that involves Nobuo Uematsu putting a wrestling hold on Audi that you cannot afford to miss.

We return with more of the development of Chris Huelsbeck’s career, his approach to music, and how he creates a song.  The master Huelsbeck weighs in on Video Game Music as an artform, a scene,  and his dream of being a performer. The future of gaming is also a topic tackled in the interview, and we even discuss Leisure Suit Larry & Touch Fish! Fun is had by all, and 2 hours flys by!!

We played a ton of Chris Huelsbeck’s library during the discussion, including some rare classics. Here is a list of music that is played without interruption or talking over:


  • Addicted to these Games
  • Piano Collection – R-Type – Excerpt
  • Piano Collection – The Great Bath – Excerpt
  • Piano Collection – The Great Giana Sisters – Excerpt
  • Turrican Vol 1 Anthology – Transformers Medley f/Vince DiCola

An Evening with Chris Huelsbeck

This will be a live on-air interview with VGM LEGEND Chris Huelsbeck! This is going to BE EPIC!!

Chris Huelsbeck is a master of all things, making music before many were born and he’s never looked back!! Full Discography:

He’s releasing a new Piano Collection & Score Book from the Kickstarter that he’s setup. Currently it’s hitting stretch goals like CRAZY and they’ve got some awesome ones to go with less than a week to go!

8bitX will be doing a special hour tribute to Chris Huelsbeck before the show, so get into the Chatroom early!

Badass: Descendents of Erdrick Castlevania IV, Minibosses & Megaran Vinyl!

Megaran announced in his newsletter that a new vinyl album will be coming out as he teams up with THE MINIBOSSES!  Now the two are releasing a single on each side of the album, but it’s AWESOME.


Meanwhile in Texas the new Descendents of Erdrick lineup played a show at Kick Butt Coffee in Austin Texas, and here is Super Castlevania IV:

Dec 17th: Super VG Christmas Party GETS WEIRD!


On a special 2-hour edition of Getting Weird with Nole and Josh, we’ll be joined by Ian Luckey, the project coordinator and producer for Super VG Christmas Party, which came out recently.

We’ll be listening to as many tracks as we possibly can from this massive compilation, and fielding your questions for Ian about the project.

So for now, download this awesome compilation of winter/Christmas themed songs from over 100 musicians. This is OVER TWO HOURS OF MUSIC FOR FREE!!

Per usual, use the links below to get involved and voice your questions:

Listen Live:
Join the Chat:


Thursday Update, DOOM turns 21, Super VG Xmas Album, NXTRevolution


So I’ve been trying to get this update out for a few hours, but between NXTRevolution &  The Black Tribbles both being amazing tonight, and then I discovered this.

D00m turned 21 on December 10th. Not only is DOOM 21, but John Romero is releasing concept art via his personal Twitter, and it is completely fascinating!  Check out some of the gems, including DOOM GUY projected on a building!

Super VG Christmas Album

Most folks around the office/work are playing their boring ass Christmas albums. Good thing that 42 artists from the VGM community are here to save us from more uninspired bland Christmas covers!

[bandcamp width=400 height=472 album=479303407 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 artwork=small]