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Episode Download – Careless Juja – Legend of the BOAR Night Listening Party

Album available at

Album available at

What a fun night and time we had talking to Careless, Juja, Brandon Strader, and Kevin! All responsible for The Legend of the BOAR Knight album and puppet show.

We heard all the tracks from the album, had a pre-show DDR throwback party, and also heard some more amazing impressions from Juja!

Check out the listening party, and as always, thanks for listening!


Careless Juja World Premier Listening Party – Legend of the Boar Knight!

I’m so excited to be interviewing Careless Juja in just about an hour. Took a listen last night to the album and you will be hard pressed to find a better collection of covers. This show is featuring the MUSIC ONLY portion of the album, the narrative, skits, and other great stuff only happens on the full release!

Please check out the album, order it if you haven’t already, and support this unique, amazing band!

Official Careless Juja Facebook Page

Thanks for listening,


Cyril’s New Album and my love of college radio


8 of the 11 KUR Presidents, and in the center the legendary Monsoon Mike

Will8bitx here, going back down memory lane..

Kutztown University Radio (KUR) took to the airwaves 10 years ago this February, and had a party to celebrate. This was a radio station that has deep roots here at 8bitX, as I was lucky enough to be President of the radio station from 2004-2005. During these years the students and faculty took the radio station from an empty room to a fully functioning radio station. The university hired a full time station manager and faculty advisor, Monsoon Mike as he likes to be called, and he has preserved the sanctity of college radio in the area. Without the success of KUR, and my experience there, 8bitX would never have been born. Continue reading

Chris Huelsbeck Interview


the-hoff-at-the-wallAfter a disastrous attempt yesterday, Chris Huelsbeck graciously agreed to return tonight for a second attempt at a live interview. It was worth the wait!

2 hours of awesome stories from Chris’ introduction to gaming, his origins with Shades, and then we sampled some of the music from the record setting Kickstarter for The Piano Collection & Score Book.  We then dove into hilarious stories from Italo Disco, David Hasselhoff, scarves, how Audi met/stalks Chris, and even a quick story that involves Nobuo Uematsu putting a wrestling hold on Audi that you cannot afford to miss.

We return with more of the development of Chris Huelsbeck’s career, his approach to music, and how he creates a song.  The master Huelsbeck weighs in on Video Game Music as an artform, a scene,  and his dream of being a performer. The future of gaming is also a topic tackled in the interview, and we even discuss Leisure Suit Larry & Touch Fish! Fun is had by all, and 2 hours flys by!!

We played a ton of Chris Huelsbeck’s library during the discussion, including some rare classics. Here is a list of music that is played without interruption or talking over:


  • Addicted to these Games
  • Piano Collection – R-Type – Excerpt
  • Piano Collection – The Great Bath – Excerpt
  • Piano Collection – The Great Giana Sisters – Excerpt
  • Turrican Vol 1 Anthology – Transformers Medley f/Vince DiCola

Chris Huelsbeck Rescheduled – Equipment Meltdown

17973_miscellaneous_nuclear_explosion_explosionThat is what it feels like when you have a legend on hold while you are trying to get your system working correctly. That is what it feels like when you have to tell them that you need to reschedule because you couldn’t get your shit together. Simply put this was the worst thing ever.

Luckily Chris Huelsbeck will reschedule with us tomorrow night Jan 7th @9PM Eastern!

I’m currently in the process of reading a book, “Do It Right The First Time”. I set this thing up in my mind to be a monumental interview and really promote the RECORD BREAKING Kickstarter.  I wanted to explain to Mr. Huelsbeck about how all the amazing things he’s done in his career are great, but I still love the “Addicted To These Games” song he put out so many years ago.  All that went right down the drain when my soundcard wouldn’t get recognized by Winamp’s DSP plugin properly.

So what happened exactly?!

For you fellow podcasters who brave the live shows like we do, I’m going to explain what happened step by catastrophic step. Continue reading

Update! Chris Huelsbeck Bonus HOUR!


We’ve added a bonus hour to our “Evening with Chris Huelsbeck“, starting at 8PM Eastern we will be playing a mix of Chris Huelsbeck classics on our radio stream! Be sure to join in the chatroom to get your questions asked!

If you cannot make it, you can leave us questions on our Facebook or Twitter accounts to ask the legendary Chris Huelsbeck!