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About 8bitX Radio Network

The 8bitX Radio Network is on a mission to bring the greatest shows and music to the world. We have been cast-offs from society happy to play video games, go to conventions, and read our comics. This is where we talk about our adventures in the world, and when we are not airing a show, we play a mixture of Video Game Music, Video Game Cover Bands, and Chiptunes.

8bitX History

Started as an outlet for The 8bit Extravaganza in 2006, was soon joined by Justin Johnston’s Radio Free Gamer in May 2008. The network was born as a way to tribute video game music as an artform, as well as the super-talented video game cover bands that sacrifice so much to bring us sweet nostalgia! From there the network has grown with our most recent website release, we can officially say we have a staff now!

8bitX Staff

These are the people that make up 8bitX, and make 8bitX happen on a daily basis!

Will8bitX -Creator/Owner of 8bitX –  host of The 8bit Extravaganza, and the leader of the pirate ship that is 8bitX.

Jeff Koromi – Creative Director / Art Director – Man behind the shiny new look, superb graphic designer and photographer.

JT Murphy – Program Director – This is the man behind the magic of our Radio Stream. All the programming, automated songs, pre-recorded shows are run by JT. Easy to say if JT was not so awesome, nobody would be listening!

Shaun8bitX – VP, Daily Ops –  Shaun does everything from filming at Magfest to creating websites, and editing podcasts. The 2nd in command at 8bitX is never heard, but he’s always trolling in the chatroom!

MrCultural aka Rob P – Event Coordinator/Superman – The reason that we can do events in any capacity, and overall superhuman.

Robert Swackhamer – Video Director – Creator of 8BeerX and 8bitXtra, Mr. Swackhamer is a master of video production and will be bringing awesome programming to you!