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Show Notes – RFG World 2 Level 35

Monday, November 29th, 2010

This week’s guest was Nick, PR ninja for the Music and Gaming Festival (MAGFest).  In case you haven’t been listening, MAGFest is a video game geek’s dream: a non-stop party with some of the best video game composers, internet personalities, and cover bands out there.  Nick gave us a pretty darn good rundown of why MAGFest 9 will rock harder than a golem’s backside, but I’d like to take a second to reinforce his main point: MAGFest is a party.  It isn’t a giant convention, it isn’t a ridiculously expensive professional consortium, and it isn’t a glitzy industry expo.  You go to hang out with like-minded individuals and your favorite bands an composers.  Awesome.

Anyway, now that I’m done plugging MAGFest for the nth time, let’s get down to what was played during the show:

Danny Baranowsky’s “Canabalt” Soundtrack: Pay what you want ($0 and up!) for the latest soundtrack from “Super Meat Boy” composer Daniel Baranowsky.  This outing has a decidedly different tone from  SMB, focusing less on rock and chip music elements in favor of tense orchestral elements and electronica.   “Canabalt” itself is a browser-based platformer which you can play for free right here! Featured on this episode – RUN!, Daring Escape, Mach Runner, Fathom Megamix

Armcannon's "Return of the Attack of the Legend of Pizzor"

Armcannon’s “Leg Vacuum” and  ”Return of the Attack of the Legend of Pizzor”: In case you haven’t subscribed to our new and improved monthly email newsletter, Armcannon is our first band of the month!  We first met them at MAGFest 8, and we’re looking forward to seeing them perform again at MAGFest 9!  They were kind enough to let us play some of their tracks behind our interview with Nick from MAGFest.  The tracks aren’t free, but they’re certainly worth the price.  Featured on this episode – Tecmo Superbowl, Kraid, Smegaman 3, Still More Fighting, X-1234

Jun Ishikawa and Dan Miyakawa’s “Kirby Super Star” Soundtrack: “Kirby Super Star” is a collection of Kirby-themed games for the Super Nintendo which recently saw a remake for the Nintendo DS.  The games themselves range from cute mini-games (“Gourmet Race”, “Megaton Punch”) to full-out adventure games (“Milky Way Wishes”, “Great Cave Offensive”).  Ishikawa and Miyakawa’s soundtrack is appropriately varied in tone, with a wide selection of well-orchestrated tunes.  One of the classics which really displayed the audio power of the Super Nintendo.  Featured on this episode – Time to Learn, Float Islands, Marshmallow Castle, Cocoa Cave, Crystal Field and Mystery Paradise, Grape Garden, Gladiator Kirby, Staff Role, Kirby Dance

Jiggin' Jon T.

OverClocked Remixes by JJT: “Jiggin” Jon T, of OCRemix and Bad Dudes fame, is a rocking guitar, piano, and trumpet player.  He has some really solid remixes which are really unique in tone, including his melancholy “Final Fantasy VI” mix, his haunting “F-Zero” mix, and his ska-inspired “Mega Man 3″ mix.  Featured on this episode: Anthem of Exile, The Flood Plain, Magnet Missiles, Murder Your Friends Boogie

Thanks for checking out this week’s episode.  Be sure to join us on Wednesday evening at 7PM Eastern for our live shows!

Show Notes RFG World 2 Levels 25-34

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Oh my goodness, look at that!  The last 2 months have been hectic for me, and I haven’t been quite as diligent about updating the show notes as I should be.  I promise to make every effort to post the show notes just as regularly as I post new episodes.  Anyway, as another entry in the “better late than never” column, here are the links and track names for World 2 Levels 25-34.

RFG World 2 Level 25

George and Jonathan’s “The Best Music” – Intro (Party Every Night), Toy Factory, No More Lies, Out With My Girlfriends, Witch’s Brew, Whale, Business Trip

WillRock’s “Back to Square Waves” – 2 Minutes to Midnight, Everybody Wants to Rule the World, MadNes, Protoman Theme, Route 225, Shoot ‘Em Down, Im in ur green hill, eatin ur mushrooms, Beyond The Relms of Time and Space

konjak’s “The Legend of Princess” Soundtrack – Title, Stage, Miniboss, Battle 2, Saved

The Minibosses – Metroid, Castlevania, Super Mario Bros 2, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Ninja Gaiden

RFG World 2 Level 26

Vernian Process’ “The Cries of the Planet: An Orchestral Tribute to the Music of Final Fantasy VII” – Main Theme, Tifa’s Theme, A Secret Sleeping in the Deep, The Nightmare Begins, A Full Scale Attack, Cid’s Theme

Mick Gordon’s “Avatar: The Last Airbender” Soundtrack – The Last Airbender, The Prologue, Air Bending, Aang Fighting in the Air Temple, Aang in the Ice Caves, The Fire Nation Storm the City, The Airbender Must Save Us, Aang Summons the Ocean, End Credits

Jay Tholen’s “The Great Hylian Revival” – The Spirit Descends on Kakariko Village, Lullaby, Saria’s Song, Saviour of Toadstools, Breaker of Bricks, Conjurer of Fire’s “Final Fantasy V: The Fabled Warriors 1 ~ Wind”

RFG World 2 Level 27

Dwelling of Duels August 2010 – Bonkers “Select”, mithius “Clouds”, M-H “ROOPO”, Daniel Alm “Melancholia”

Nebyoolae’s “Gamey Mixture” – Dave is the Man, It’s Dark at 3AM, Matoya’s Cafe, Super Mega Eagle Scout, From the Depths of the Sky

Adam WarRock’s “West Coast Avengers MixTape” – Hank Pym, War Machine, U.S. Agent, Tigra & Firebird Intermission, Super-Woman, Living Lightning, Vision, NES Hard

Metroid Metal’s “Expansion Pack” – Norfair, Prime Theme, Brinstar Crateria

Koji Kondo’s “Super Mario World” Soundtrack – Title, Overworld, Athletic (Yoshi), Underground (Yoshi), Swimming, Haunted House, Fortress, Bowser’s Last Attack, Staff Roll, Cast List

RFG World 2 Level 28 Remixes of the “Tales of Phantasia” Soundtrack – Dhsu & Sixto Sounds “The Unholy Wars”, Ghetto Lee Lewis “Emotions Lost in Time”, Fishy and Nutritious “Just Go”, Anthony Lofton & Dhsu “Sweet Dreams”

Nimrod Production’s “Split/Second” Soundtrack – The Elite (Director’s Cut), Eye of the Storm, 10 Past Zero, Heavy Heat, Cold Sweat and Fears, Hunt with the Pack, Safe Progress, Extended-Powerful (Tower Mix)

Virt’s “Shantae: Risky’s Revenge” Soundtrack – Main Titles, File Select, She’s Got Moves, Through the Trees, Adventure, Sand in my Potion, Hall of Magic, End Credits

Kameya and Ishida’s “F-Zero” Soundtrack – Opening Theme, Big Blue, Fire Field, Silence, White Land 1, Port Town, Mute City, Sand Ocean, Ending Theme

RFG World 2 Level 29

Tomoko Sasaki’s “Ristar” Soundtrack – Shooting Ristar, Dancing Leaves, Splash Down!!, Break Silence, Ring Rink, Ice Scream, Crazy Kings, Next Cruise

Dwelling of Duels September 2010 – Scaredsim and Harjawaldar “Finish the Minish!”, Prince of Darkness “I Need Scissors! 61!”, FamicomBit “Kick Master”, CarboHydroM “Starshine on the Rocks”, bill cakes “Gecko Swerve”, Hat “Credit Where Credit’s Due”

NintenJoe64’s “Life” – Final Sunset, Evil Forces, Jenova Theme Remix Remixes of the “Super Metroid” Soundtrack – Revolver Project “The Mother is in Control”, DrumUltimA “Petals”, Matt Drouin “Energy Tank”, Big Giant Circles “In Your Prime”, Red Tailed Fox “Bonsai Garden”

RFG World 2 Level 30

SGX’s “Wonderful Bite (Free Version)” – Right Back Up, Span, Shed, Rockstar, And All That Between

Navi’s “Lo Fi Muey Thai” – Jugglebath, Cookin’ With Fire, Black Hole Beautiful, Bass Girl, +Infinitum

Mattias “AnoSou” Gerdt’s “We Express Ourselves with T-Shirts” – T-Shirt With Flowers Instead of Fabric, T-Shirt Made by Sang Han, Souvenir T-Shirt from Space Travel, Stolen T-Shirt with Black Cat Print, The Person You Love Forgot this T-Shirt, Richard’s T-Shirt

Samuel Ascher-Weiss’ “Ender’s Game” – Graff – Rat, Rat – Bonzo

RFG World 2 Level 31

David Wise’s “Donkey Kong Country” Soundtrack – Simian Segue, Cranky’s Theme, Life in the Mines, Forest Frenzy, Ice Cave Chant, Gang-Plank Galleon, The Credits Concerto

Songs playing behind the first bit of the interview with Daniel Baranowsky were from the Super Meat Boy Soundtrack, available for purchase here. Remixes by Daniel Baranowsky – Awakened Fears of the Gerudo, Damn Those Turks!, Before Time

Remix: Tha Sauce Remixes – jmr “Princess Maker 2: Something’s Out There”, Skrypnyk “NiGHTS Into Dreams: Escape Into the Twilight”, pothocket “Final Fantasy IX: How Much Longer”, jmr “Super Mario Galaxy: Meteorites and Rabbits”, Navij11 “Kirby & The Amazing Mirror: Kirby’s Mystical Mirror”, OA “Lufia 2:  Stand Tall”

RFG World 2 Level 32

Olivier Deriviere’s “Obscure 2″ Soundtrack – Corruption with Rage and Melancholy, Back to School, Finally Home, Melancholy, We All Die, Waltz of Death, The Last Ones, Atmospheric Mood

Dwelling of Duels September 2006 – Reboot “Soggy Meadow”, Scaredsim “Lost Stars”, John Trent “Magdalene”, Paragon “Promise Fulfilled”

Bioshock Soundtrack (No Longer Available For Free) – Bioshock Main Theme, Welcome to Rapture, Step into my Gardens, Dancers on a String, Cohen’s Masterpiece, The Engine City, Empty Houses, This is Where They Sleep, All Spliced Up Remixes – Children of the Monkey Machine “Magus (Temporal Rehab)”, Scott Peeples “GhostOfStHelens”, Nekofrog and Sole Signal “Malevolent Mansion”, Tamimi “NayTomorrow”, Mazedude “Norfair Deathmarch”, Protricity “Neighburgers”

RFG World 2 Level 33

Dwelling of Duels October 2010 – MH “Unicorn”, Brandon Strader “Ring”, Ergosonic “Continua”, Scaredsim “Leaves”, Musically Inspired “Sherwood”, Daniel Alm “Chainsaw”

Zelda Remixes by ArtificialFear – Lost Woods, Song of Healing, Gerudo Valley, Dark World Theme, Stone Tower Temple, Twinrova

Virt, Freaky DNA, and Norrin Radd’s “Retro City Rampage” Mixtape

Phlogiston’s “Super Crate Box” Soundtrack – Tutorial, Construction Yard, Moon Temple

Dragon Quest VIII Piano Arrange Album – Majesty of the Castle, Overcoming Painful Times, To a Vast World, Tower of Mystery, These Feelings, Fly to the Heavens

RFG World 2 Level 34

Noumenon’s “Nimbus” Soundtrack – 01-01, 02-02, 03-01, 03-02, 04-02

Bradley Burr’s “Tower Assault!  Curse of Zombie Island” Soundtrack – World 1 Overworld, World 1 Battle 1, World 1 Battle 2, Super Soldier, World 2 Overworld, World 2 Battle 1, World 2 Battle 2, Hidden Level, World 3 Overworld, World 3 Battle 1, World 3 Battle 2, Final Battle, Credits Remixes by Scott Peeples – Wicked Orchestra, Dream Fighter, Another Inspiration, Facility (Hacker Mix), Clear Skies

Oshima & Tanaka’s “Legend of Legaia” Soundtrack – Prologue, Title Screen, World Map Theme, Sad Theme, Rim Elm, The Ride to Karisto, Sol Fever Disco