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Playlists for the last few shows (finally)

June 22nd, 2010 at 16:39

Since we switched from Blogger to Wordpress, I haven’t been very diligent about updating the site.  I’d like to apologize, and give you guys the playlists for the past few shows along with some links to download the tracks.

RFG World 2 Level 17:

May 2010 Dwelling of Duels Competition: Every month holds a remixing competition.  The catch?  Each submission must contain a live instrument and must fit that month’s theme.  In this case that theme was “music from ninja games!”  Of course, this means a ton of Ninja Gaiden, but who can complain?  Featured on this episode: Electric Ninjas Shoot Lightning, Flying Shurikens, Last . . . and Long Forgotten, Wrath of the Last Ninja, Ninja Gaiden Medley.

Overcoat’s More Stories from Megatropolis: This is the second album from OCRemixer Overcoat, and this time he is joined by his remixing buddy Skrypnyk on one track.  Megatropolis feels like a well-conceived place, and the ambiance in tunes like Megatropolis by Night really sell it.  Featured on this episode: Megatropolis by Night, Force Feedback, Powered Armour, Nanofrog, Ten Ton, OLED Sunrise.

Shiryu’s Shiryu’s Arcade Volume 2: Remixer Shiryu shares some excellent covers of Nintendo tunes in his second release.  This album shows a wide range of musical styles, and Shiryu is at his most creative in his orchestral arrangement from Streets of Rage 2.  Featured on this episode: Space Bound, Super Mario Land Suite, Beyond the Galaxy, Orchestral of Rage.

Interview with Randy Yasenchak from Randy Yasenchak, chief editor of our video game news partner site, shares his thoughts on the recent E3 gaming expo.  Be sure to check out their E3 coverage to get the scoop on all the biggest upcoming games!

Classic Songs From the First Year of Radio Free Gamer:  It’s been a whole year since I started this podcast!  To celebrate, we play some of my favorite songs featured in the past year.  Featured on this episode: Patrick Burn’s Rare Respite, Voyage Home from Chrono Cross: Memories of Music,  Random’s Splash Woman, posu yan’s Purdie Old Days, The Gamer Symphony Orchestra’s Live From [SUBJECT HOMETOWN HERE].

RFG World 2 Level 16:

Antisoc’s Future Hop: Nerdcore rapper Antisoc describes his latest venture as a combination of rap and electronica.  Drawing from his own personal experience, as well as sci-fi classics like Dr. Who and Firefly, there are some hot tracks on this album.  Featured on this episode:  Intro, Preface, The Doctor Is In, No Power In The Verse, Future Hop.

Brian Davis’ More Games: Brian Davis released this album back in 2008, but Genoboost at GameMusic4All recently plugged it to give it some much-deserved attention.  The album is a collection of classic VGM covers which employ some nice guitar and piano work.  There are some truly standout tracks, including Gambit’s Theme from Spiderman and the X-Men Arcade Revenge.  Featured on this episode: Morning Sunlight, Catapault, Title Theme, The Waterfall, Into the Thick of It, Spirit of the Night, Controls, City, Gambit’s Theme.

Jimmy Hinson Interview: Jimmy (OCRemix’s Big Giant Circles) discusses his experience as a video game remixer, and how that combined with a bit of luck to land him a job with Jack Wall composing for the blockbuster game  Mass Effect 2. Of course, we play some fantastic remixes from OCRemix alongside the interview.  Featured on this episode: Siren Synapse, Wish Upon a Windellian Star, Nova Siberia, The Sound of the Galaxy, Eastern Ice Field, Amanda’s Tear.

The Minibosses Live from the Yucca Tap Room: This is the official bootleg from the Minibosses’ tenth anniversary concert!  They play some of their famous rock renditions of classic VGM tunes while the crowd sings along.  Featured on this episode: Super Mario Bros. 2 Live, Megaman 2 Medley Live, Batman Medley Live.

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