A rough Sketch of the show. 123009 All Times listed below Eastern Standard time.

09:11 Show Starts

09:18 New releases of the week from Gamespot.com .
Our Pick Of the Week is:
Our Weak Pick of the Week: All the games on the site with canceled release dates or no box pictures.

09:22 32/64 Bit Tournament Intro Plays.

09:24 Reviewing the show from 121609

09:29 Votes open for Final Fantasy Tactics vs Doom 64

09:30 Song played: + Ghetto Lee Lewis - Final Fantasy Tactics Teach Me How to Rave OC ReMix

09:35 Song played: + Disciple of the Mix - Final Fantasy Tactics In Mem'ry of Sir Anthony OC ReMix

09:40 The results are in...Doom 64 wins 6-2

09:42 Next matchup rolls out - WcW vs NwO Revenge vs Smackdown 2: Know Your Role

09:47 Song played: from Youtube Wrestling themes

09:50 The reading of Smackdown 2

09:54 Song played: from Youtube Wrestling themes

10:06 Song played: from Continued Youtube Wrestling themes

10:07 Song played: from New Youtube Wrestling themes

10:08 What is your favorite game of 2009? - Matt: Beatles Rockband. Will Left 4 Dead 2

10:16 WcW nWo Revenge Wins the matchup

10:18 Haltime! Intermission! ZAMBONIES!

10:21 Steel Sterling Time: Featuring the Tick
10:26 /End Steel Sterling

10:27 Song played: + TenchuX - Contra: Snowfield Remastered

10:29 Creepy Craigslist Time:
Link # 1 Gay House Cleaner.
Link # 2 Shrunken Pet Head.
Link # 3 Kaua'i Knockout Championship Ring Girls .
Link # 4 Need to get pregnant fast by clean educated.

10:40 Song played: + Mafialligator - Happy Xmas (War Is Over) - John Lennon, Yoko Ono

10:41 Final 4 Time: Zelda Ocarina of time vs Star Fox 64

10:42 Song played: + djpretzel - Zelda 64 Pachelbel's Ganon OC ReMix

10:45 Song played: + virt - zelda - blood of ganon

10:53 The results are in. Zelda moves on to beat StarFox 64

10:55 Song played: + DZComposer - Starfox 64 V to the X Power OC ReMix

10:57 Song played: + Cryosis (Demonstray) - Militiae Corneriae

11:00 Song played: + Sir NutS - The Red Moon (e1m4)

11:04 COINFLIP TIME! To break the 1 to 1 tie WcW nWo Revenge vs Doom 64
Mets joins the chatroom and votes WcW nw0 to break the tie...no coin flip.
Rob calls up for the executive challange, who is then objected by TenchuX on the next call to move WcW nWo on.

11:12 Song played: + Rozovian - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Eye of the Storm OC ReMix

11:17 The results are in...Zelda Ocarina of Time takes Block 03.

11:18 2009 Thank You's
11:28 /end Thank You's

11:29 "Happy New Year..Bitch!" -Matt from the Power Couch.


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