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#ShockvsBrock Showdown!



Monday May 5th Roundtable Wrestling Radio will bring together the two most talked about WWE fans in history.

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“Shocked Undertaker Guy” Ellis Mbeh and “Brock Lesnar Dude” Michael Corcoran will be on the air LIVE in this ultimate showdown! This meeting spurred on by an enlightening interview with Ellis Mbeh where he was asked the following:

WWE.COM: So we’re going to end on a fun question, because this is all about fun. Who would win in a bench press contest: You or “Brock Lesnar Guy”?

ELLIS: Oh, me! I can totally bench more than Brock Lesnar Guy.

WWE.COM: That could happen for WrestleMania 31, you never know.

ELLIS: I rep 225 pounds. If it happens at WrestleMania 31, I guarantee I will win. He’s not ready.

Tune in for this legendary showdown, a possible Wrestlemania 31 preview, and to hear if there really is heat between these guys. Rumor has it that Ellis snubbed Michael at Wrestlemania 30 Ellis declined a picture with Michael at Raw the next night, of course Michael was there, and RWR will go no holds barred between these two superfans!

About RWR
Roundtable Wrestling Radio has been the standard of excellence since 2007. Over the years star studded guests have appeared on air from Diamond Dallas Page,  Les Thatcher, Kurt Angle, Dory Funk Jr and many more!

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