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Dale North’s Silent Horror Soundtrack Reveals Ghosts From The Past

Live action survival horror score is one of Dale North’s earliest works and is finally available to fans


San Diego, California – April 8, 2014 – Scarlet Moon Records is thrilled to announce that the Silent Horror Original Soundtrack, one of composer Dale North’s earliest and most asked-for soundtracks from his career in film and videogames, is now available via most online music retailers. The soundtrack combines dark atmospheres and unsettling soundscapes with North’s knack for memorable melodies, marking the first time this score has been widely available to fans.

Before there were corgis, there was Silent Horror.

Written in 2005 for X-Strike Studios’ live action survival horror film that pays tribute to popular videogames of the same genre, Silent Horror was one of Dale "Corgi King" North’s first works as a professional composer. While being known primarily for his pop ballads and vocal arrangements, the Silent Horror Original Soundtrack captures the essence of horror with incredible attention to detail in crafting the unnerving backdrops that are integral the film. North’s background as a singer/songwriter is also channeled through the score’s emotional character themes, providing listeners with melodies that they will cherish and remember alongside the fitting score that makes for perfect late-night listening.

"I was a fan of Dale North’s music for years before we actually ever met," recalls Scarlet Moon Records producer Jayson Napolitano. "I knew that he had written music for Silent Horror and its sequel, but never had the chance to hear it, so I naturally jumped at the chance to finally get this riveting body of work out in front of Dale’s fans."

The Silent Horror Original Soundtrack spans twenty tracks, featuring an exclusive remix by producer and co-founder of The OneUps, Mustin.

It’s now available in digital format via most online music retailers including iTunes, and for just $7 USD on Bandcamp and Loudr.

For more information, please visit the official Silent Horror Original Soundtrack description page:

Scarlet Moon Productions Blog – Silent Horror Original Soundtrack (SMRC-1005)

About Dale North
Singer, songwriter, composer, and videogame blogger Dale North views himself as a musician first and foremost. After establishing himself in the game music remixing scene, he went on to become the Editor-in-Chief at DESTRUCTOID where he shares his love for corgis with millions of readers around the world. While continuing to work on his solo album projects, he’s also begun work on a number of videogame scores, including this one.

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About Silent Horror
"A mysterious message from a dead friend sends Mark London back to Quiet Knoll, trapped in a place corrupted by evil and insanity, where monsters have replaced the simple townsfolk."

This 2005 film by X-Strike Studios pays tribute to popular survival horror videogames and is available now in DVD format.

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About Scarlet Moon Records
Founded in 2013, Scarlet Moon Records aims to make available amazing game music that otherwise wouldn’t be heard. The label works with a wide network of composers and musicians around the globe to identify and publish original soundtracks for games that developers or publishers have no intention of releasing, as well as producing arrangement albums featuring the same global talent.

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