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Overclocked Records Official Podcast Debuts LIVE

OC-Records-Launch-Sampler-450x450Bethlehem, Pa - We are proud to announce a new partnership with Overclocked Records, bringing the first ever episode of the Overclocked Records Radio Show live to listeners all over the world. The show is hosted by OverClocked Remix’s Andrew “Zircon” Aversa,  Larry “Liontamer” Oji, and 8bitX’s Will Strouse rounding out the bunch. The new show is called Overclocked Discussion (OCD). Continue reading

Alexander Brandon Unleashes New Just Fun Tracks!


Just Fun Album Art

From his new soundproof studio, Alexander Brandon joined The 8bit Extravaganza to talk about his career, unveil three new tracks, and to promote his Just Fun kickstarter.

“This was one of the best guests we’ve ever had on the 8bit Extravaganza” states host Will Strouse, “from the moment the show opened Alexander Brandon’s energy and enthusiasm never came down to human levels!”. Continue reading

Alexander Brandon Just Fun Party – Saturday Feb 22

Just Fun Album Art

Alexander Brandon talks Just Fun, Jazz Jackrabbit & your questions LIVE!

Alexander Brandon has done some amazing things as a video game music composer in his 20 year career.  The author of a book about game music, and has put together a body of work that one cannot argue with to consider him one of the greatest composers in our generation.

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Monarch Party with Nauts Interview Available



Special Guests Korean Composer Nauts, and playing interpreter Taek (also the Creative Director of Bar Oasis) joined us on the program courtesy of Scarlet Moon Productions. Jayson N. was also on the line as he had coordinated the international effort.

This was our station’s first international multi-language interview, and what a BLAST we had! Nauts revealed the unique musical creation process behind Monarch Heroes, as well as discussed Bar Oasis, and a pivotal video game memory from his childhood involving the NES being smashed…. Continue reading

Worldwide Exclusive: Nauts talks Monarch Heroes LIVE!


Monarch Heroes of a New Age Composer Nauts, aka Goomin Nam,  is a world-renowned video game music composer with over a dozen composer credits. Through a solid body of work and amazing sound, Nauts has become an institution in video game music.

We are honored to announce that on Saturday February 15th at 9:00PM Eastern, Nauts will join us in a LIVE interview from South Korea for the first time ever, in a worldwide exclusive event!

Interact with Nauts in our Chatroom:

Monarch Heroes of a New Age Listening Party
Music from Monarch Heroes will be played as Nauts discusses what work went into creating the soundtrack!

Facebook Event –