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Six Tracks to debut during the hour long interview.

Critical Hit Creators Jason Hayes and Michael Gluck will sit down with 8bitX founder Will Strouse on Wednesday October 30th at 10PM Eastern for an hour long interview, and reveal half of the band’s new album which goes on sale October 31st.

The interview will be live, and fans can ask questions and interact with the show host and guests via the 8bitX Chatroom. Accompanying the interview will be six tracks from the album, and the creators will explain how the tracks have come together with the various musicians.

The hype is tremendous. The talent, unparalleled. The photoshoots are stunning. It all comes down to the celebration of video game music.

Professional musicians take their aim at video game music, forming what may be the ultimate video game band. With resumes and achievements in the world of music a mile long, Critical Hit has created the most jaw dropping resume of a video game band the world has ever seen.

It seems that the goal of this band would be inspired by acts such as Video Games Live, looking to perform at large conventions around the world.

Be the first to hear this album! Join us Live Wednesday Night October 30th 2013 for this landmark moment!

Critical Hit: New Videogame Music Tribute Band Featuring Top Industry Talent

Renowned videogame composer Jason Hayes performs gaming’s greatest hits with debut album now available for pre-order

Critical Hit’s debut album features 12 electrifying arrangements of gaming’s greatest hits!


Los Angeles, Calif. – October 24, 2013 - Today marks the announcement of Critical Hit, an all-star band headed by composer Jason Hayes – best known for his work on the acclaimed World of Warcraftsoundtrack – and featuring award-winning performers and recording artists with a staggering list of videogame, film, and live performance credits, including The Annual Primetime Emmy’s, Cirque Du Soleil, American Idol, and more. Critical Hit is pleased to announce their debut album, Critical Hit: Volume One, and release their debut music video, featuring the main theme of Angry Birds:


Critical Hit: Volume One will ship on October 31, featuring 12 electrifying arrangements of gaming’s greatest hits. Tracks from World of WarcraftSuper Mario WorldThe Legend of ZeldaThe Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimHaloFinal FantasyCall of DutyMetal Gear Solid, and more are presented in a wide variety of musical styles from rock to classical and beyond.

Musicians Hall of Fame inductee David Frank Paich, pianist of the legendary band Toto and co-writer on hit titles AfricaRosanna, and Hold the Line, is featured on the album.

Critical Hit: Volume One and branded merchandise are now available for purchase on the band’s official website. Those who pre-order prior to October 31, 2013 will receive their items personally signed by Jason Hayes:

“Playing in bands was a big part of my life before I became a full-time composer,” comments Critical Hit founder Jason Hayes, “so it’s awesome to be able to return to live performance, while exploring my favorite videogame themes with such amazing and accomplished musician friends. The best part is connecting with people who are as passionate about videogame music as I am.”

The full track listing for Critical Hit: Volume One is as follows:

01. Tetris: “Main Theme”

02. Angry Birds: “Main Theme”

03. World of Warcraft: “Legends of Azeroth”

04. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: “Zelda’s Lullaby”

05. Halo 2: “Main Theme”

06. Pokémon: “Main Theme”
07. Super Mario World: “Bowser’s Castle”
08. Final Fantasy X: “To Zanarkand”

09. Kingdom Hearts: “Hikari”
10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: “Battle for New York”

11. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: “Streets of Whiterun”

12. Metal Gear Solid 2: “Main Theme”

Visit the Critical Hit website for upcoming concert dates and more:

About Critical Hit

Critical Hit was founded in 2013 by videogame industry veterans Jason Hayes and Michael Gluck. Their passion for videogames, music composition, and live performance led to the formation of Critical Hit, a band featuring the best musicians in the industry. Their debut album, Critical Hit: Volume One, is currently available for pre-order.

Learn more about Critical Hit on their official website:
Follow Critical Hit: TwitterFacebook, and YouTube

Jason Hayes is an award-winning composer and member of Blizzard Entertainment’s development team, where he works on titles in the popular World of WarcraftStarCraft, and Diablo franchises. Jason has also contributed to the soundtracks of Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

While his stirring videogame scores have reached millions around the globe, his desire to get closer to game music fans led to the formation of Critical Hit, a band that performs engaging arrangements of gaming’s greatest hits.

Follow Jason Hayes on Twitter:

Michael Gluck is the Founder of VGMarket. Established in 2007, VGMarket is the videogame industry’s leading market research firm.

From 2003 to 2007, Michael performed videogame and anime music piano concerts under the stage name “Piano Squall” to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. He is the first independent musician to publish a videogame and anime piano solo album, entitled GAME. Michael’s music has been featured on major entertainment websites and publications, including IGN, MTV, and Newtype Magazine.

“Game Music Bundle of The Damned” Just In…

“Game Music Bundle of The Damned” Just In Time For Halloween: Tons of treats for not a ton of cash, over a dozen soundtracks to enjoy leading up to Halloween and beyond… Soundtrack List inside!

“Game Music Bundle of The Damned” Just In Time For Halloween

Tons of treats for not a ton of cash, over a dozen soundtracks to enjoy leading up to Halloween and beyond

San Francisco, CA – October 22, 2013
 – Game Music Bundle is thrilled to announce a monstrous collection of terror-inducing soundtracks that make a perfect accompaniment for the Halloween holiday or those late evenings where you’re craving some darker soundscapes. Game Music Bundle… of the Damned! brings together acclaimed indie favorites and blockbuster horror titles including Dead Space,Silent HillAmnesia: The Dark Descent, and Plants Vs. Zombies among many others.As always, five soundtracks are available for the shockingly low price of just one dollar, while those who contribute $10 will get access to many more macabre masterpieces. A leader board will track top contributors who will be awarded physical copies of select titles and spooky care packages lovingly assembled by the Game Music Bundle team and promptly delivered by their diligent horde of goblins.Here’s a list of the albums included in Game Music Bundle… of the Damned!:

  • Alice: Madness Returns
  • Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • Bloodrayne: Betrayal Official Soundtrack
  • Dead Space
  • Home
  • Limbo
  • Organ Trail
  • Penumbra
  • Plants Vs. Zombies
  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
  • Survaillant
  • The Horror at MS Aurora
  • Year Walk

Game Music Bundle… of the Damned!, available now–unless you’re afraid, that is…

About Game Music Bundle

Game Music Bundle, powered by Loudr, was founded in 2011 to bring awareness to the amazing music that was being created within the indie gaming scene. Over the course of providing several successful bundles, larger publishers have also joined in on the fun to make possible unprecedented collections of quality music from across the gaming spectrum, each offered at a low price with exclusive prizes given to top contributors.

Learn more about Game Music Bundle on the official website:

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