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Nick Doane Presents: Retro ROCK IT!!

Who is Nick Doane?

Nick Doane is a member of the Final Fantasy Tribute Band, The World Is Square, rocking the keyboard, percussion, and the undisputed master of the Glockenspiel.

What is Retro ROCK IT?

From Nick: “A radio show bringing to light the best games in the world you’ve (probably) never heard of!

Each show will feature 1 main game which I will play many songs or audio tracks from, I’ll try to illustrate why you NEED to KNOW/PLAY the game and I’ll try to bring to life the best parts of the game. But, beyond that, I’ll also be playing lots of other video game music, some VGM and I’ll have some general thoughts/rambling on video games/gaming. And who knows, maybe some ‘special guests’ will join me from time to time!”

This week I’ll feature the first RPG that got me hook, line and sinker – Lunar: The Silver Star for Sega CD! I can’t believe this game came out 20 YEARS ago! Tune into at 5PM Sunday!

NEW SHOWS THIS WEEK! Black Tribbles and Gettin’ Weird with Josh & Nole!



Tune in to the 8bitX Radio Network this week for TWO NEW SHOWS!

First off, making its official LIVE debut on 8bitX, it’s G-town Radio’s The Black Tribbles! Too cool to be geeks, too cute to be nerds, the Philly-based Black Tribbles go live every week to talk TV, comics, games and pop culture! Tune in at 9:00 PM Eastern this Thursday!

Then, this Sunday at 7:00 PM Eastern, it’s Gettin’ Weird with Josh & Nole! Drop on in for your weekly dose of beer, VGM chat, and wonderful nonsense!

NEW this week on!

February Stream Update complete!

The February stream update is complete! Alongside our new music, enjoy a massive selection of songs from games which haven’t seen a new release in over a decade! Here’s the full list of represented games!

The February stream theme, “Lest We Forget”, is now live on the 8bitX music stream! Alongside our recent and recurrent music, we’re playing over 800 songs from game series that haven’t been seen in over a decade! Here’s the full list!

2nd-generation (Atari/C64/Early MS-DOS)
Marble Madness
King’s Quest
Green Beret/Rush’n Attack
Moon Patrol

3rd-generation (NES/SMS/Late MS-DOS)
Blaster Master
DuckTales (NES)
Little Nemo: The Dream Master
The Addams Family/Fester’s Quest
Adventure Island
The Adventures of Bayou Billy
Adventures of Lolo
Alex Kidd
Altered Beast
The Battle of Olympus
Commander Keen
Deadly Towers
Duck Hunt
Cobra Triangle
Dizzy the Adventurer
Friday the 13th
The Goonies
Gargoyle’s Quest/Demon’s Crest
Guardian Legend
Kabuki Quantum Fighter
Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu
Journey to Silius
Legacy of the Wizard
Maniac Mansion
Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom
Pro Wrestling
Quest For Glory
Rad Racer
RC Pro-Am
Skate or Die!
Solar Jetman
Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos
Space Harrier
Space Quest
Star Control
Street Fighter 2010
T&C Surf Designs
Tecmo Bowl
Tecmo Cup
Wizards & Warriors
Yo! Noid

4th-generation (SNES/Genesis/NG/TG16/CD-ROM)
Breath of Fire
Chrono Trigger
Earthworm Jim
Ecco the Dolphin
Killer Instinct
Mario Paint
Streets of Rage
Toejam & Earl
The 7th Guest
The 7th Saga
Alisia Dragoon
Bahamut Lagoon
Blazing Lazers
Crusader of Centy
Dynamite Headdy
Eternal Champions
Golden Axe
Great Greed
Herzog Zwei
Highway Hunter
Illusion of Gaia
Jazz Jackrabbit
Last Blade
The Legend of Kyrandia
Linus Spacehead
Mouryou Senki Madara
Ogre Battle
Panzer Dragoon
Revolution X
Road Rash
Secret of Evermore
Shadow of the Beast
Soul Blazer
Stunt Race FX
Sunset Riders
Top Gear
U.N. Squadron
Wave Race
Wild Guns
Zero Wing
Zombies Ate My Neighbors

5th-generation (PSX/Saturn/N64)
Grim Fandango
PaRappa the Rapper
Fear Effect
Jade Cocoon
Legend of Dragoon
Street Fighter EX
Threads of Fate
Vagrant Story

6th-generation (PS2/Xbox/GCN/DC)
Dark Cloud
Gitaroo Man
Jet Set Radio
Skies of Arcadia

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Streaming Update – Magfest Presents: Game Over Austin

This Sunday millions of people around the world will gather, huddled around their living rooms to watch and singular event that has taken on such immense proportions, that a single weekend can no longer contain it’s greatness.

We are talking about Magfest’s newest creation, the first ever live concert endorsed by Magfest that is taking place outside of Magfest weekend.  (Wait what about Magstock? Shhhhhh)

Ok, enough hype and talk, who’s playing?

  • Dr. Awkward
  • Lords of Thunder
  • Descendants of Erdrick (Debut of the new line up)
  • Random aka Mega Ran (w/DJ DN3)
  • Urizen

UGGGGGGGGHHHHH I don’t live in Austin I want to see this!!

Keep Calm. Swackhamer’s got this.

8bitX once again is teaming up with Magfest, and this can be seen on Magfest’s own UStream Channel!

RSVP for the Ustream event here