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Credits and Changelog page is now LIVE, February stream theme “Lest We Forget” coming soon!

Hey, JT here! I’ve got some news regarding some of the stuff you’ll be hearing on the 8bitX stream now, and in the near future!

– First off: the Credits and Changelog page is now LIVE! This page will provide an updated record of which songs are currently on our music stream, as well as their artists and sources. If you hear something you like and want to check out more, head on over here to get more information:

– Second: the second part of the February stream update is coming. It’s “Lest We Forget”, a tribute to game series that haven’t had a new installment in over a decade (barring remakes and rereleases)! You’ll be hearing from King’s Quest, Ecco the Dolphin, Earthworm Jim, Killer Instinct, Toejam & Earl, and more! (plus this obscure JRPG I found, Chrono-somethingorother)

I’ll be back in this space when the update is ready! In the meantime, enjoy our lineup at its most raw- the newest OCRemixes, Dwelling of Duels entries, VGM and chip releases, front and center!

Modathon Extreme to be broadcast LIVE!


Starting at 3PM Eastern, Obtuse will be broadcasting LIVE from All Hands Active (AHA), which is the location for Modathon Extreme!

Facebook Event
Modathon Extreme is an evening of Chiptunes, gameboy modding, arcade development, and overall DIY needy awesomeness!!

8bitx is honored to be able to bring you this event, so join us in the chatroom as we enjoy the festivities of Modathon Extreme!

Updated Magfest Coverage – Metroid Metal, The Megas, Dwelling of Duels, Lords of Thunder

It has been a crazy few weeks since Magfest 11, and we are pouring over the footage that we have, and getting it out to you as quickly as possible.

Video Coverage Update:

Shaun has uploaded 4 more bands to Youtube!

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 Here is my favorite song that Lords of Thunder did:
Killer Instinct with a special surprise!!

DJ Cutman takes a break, releases Magfest 11 audio

Source: DJ Cutman Newsletter

I don’t send emails out often. There’s been a major update to my website,, with incredible art by Kipp Jarden and Scattle. See if you can find the secret beat I’ve hidden in the lab. The Beat Tank is still accessible as well, for those who found it.I’ve posted my live set from MAGfest XI on Soundcloud. This is an edited, studio-quality mix, with thanks to the great guys at 8bix radio network, I was able to incorporate the crowd of almost 2,000 from that night.

With these updates, I will be taking a hiatus from Dj CUTMAN. I will be using these first months of 2013 to develop my game music record label GameChops. As many of you know, we license video game remixes, and we’re the first electronic label to do it. With this, comes a responsibility to the artists, publishers, and game music scene as a whole. I will not be posting new beats, accepting bookings or updating facebook until I feel the future of GameChops and it’s artists is secure.  Follow me on twitter to stay in touch.

I appreciate your continued support. I could not do what I do without you.

Our most recent release from GameChops is an 11 track album from Overclocked Remixer bLiNd. This guy’s productions are top-notch, and his music was a mainstay of my dj sets for years. I even released a mix dedicated to his work, now we’ve released an album together. Download NESteryears now from GameChops.

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4:40 PM EST – Earthbound Papas Sound Board Audio from Magfest X

Let’s take a journey back in time, Magfest 10, or Magfest X as it’s known, and the highly anticipated concert of them all. Nobuo Uematsu and The Earthbound Papas were to play AT MAGFEST!!

For those who were there, it was a monumental event that exceeded all expectations. The new building for Magfest was filled with the Final Fantasy faithful, and when the concerts began on that Saturday, a raw energy could be felt in the air. The excitement only grew, as did the massive crowd, until The Earthbound Papas took to the Main Stage that day and rocked the crowd like never before.

Through the awesome Magfest Staff, especially Ian “EyeTack” and Norg, we have been graced with never before heard audio recordings of this event.  This audio recording is amazing. If you were there live, relive it. If you were not, experience it for the first time.

8bitX Proudly brings to you: The Earthbound Papas – Live from Magfest 10 today @4:40PM Eastern.

Join us in the chatroom! –

Change in Visa laws may impact Convention booking in 2013

I was watching CBS This Morning, and the guest on there said the delay in getting a visa went from 160 days to 2. This would bring a HUGE influx of visitors from international locations, and his prediction was that booking hotels in 2013 will be a NIGHTMARE.

Booking hotels for Magfest, Pax East, and Nerdapalooza is already challenging, as you want to get the convention discount, the right amount of people in the room, etc. Based on what he said this morning, BOOK NOW.

This could all be some ploy from the hotels to get people to book rooms and such, but when it comes to conventions it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I tried to see if the website had the interview posted, but not yet. Here is the website: