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8 Bit Xtra: My Run Through The Gauntlet – Part Four

Part 4 – Oversell, Underdeliver, or I’m Glad I Have Musicians As Friends

With Blue Team eliminated after their loss in Black Ops, we started discussing possibilities for what the next game would be.  Since there were twelve of us we figured that fighters and sports games would not work well in that situation.  So the most likely genres to come up would either be rhythm/dance or racing.

As we sat outside talking about it, one of the directors came out to tell us we were done for the day.  He also told us that he hoped we were good at keeping rhythm. Continue reading

8 Bit Xtra: My Run Through The Gauntlet – Part Three

Part 3 – I Miss WASD, or DART DART DART

On the day our teams were picked we had some extensive discussions about our strengths and weaknesses in various genres. Tim and Jeremy were well versed in FPSes and Justin was good with fighters and FPSes. Even though I’m primarily a retrogamer, I did have experience with fighters. It seemed that sports games might be our weakest link.

Good thing our first game was Team Fortress 2. Continue reading

8 Bit Xtra: My Run Through The Gauntlet – Part Two

Part Two – The Draft, or How People Get Friendly While Freezing Their Asses Off

I made my way to San Marcos on a Friday morning, with enough time planned out in case the workday commute decided to go completely fucktard. Thankfully that morning nothing stupid happened. Just meant I’d have to hang for a while before they were ready for us.

Unfortunately a cold front had moved through the evening prior. With a nice breeze blowing. Good thing I’m from Iowa. Continue reading

8 Bit Xtra: My Run Through The Gauntlet – Part One

Part One: Auditions, or South Austin Traffic Didn’t Suck For Once

I was browsing Facebook one day when a friend of mine posted a link. It was a link to the Roosterteeth website for a casting call. One of my friends had pondered that it might be for some sort of video game talk show. Since I had experience in both of those areas I figured why not. I was working on winding down my previous podcast so I thought this could be a good opportunity. I fired off an email, and they responded with the location and the times to show up.

A Saturday afternoon in south Austin.

Yeah, that’s a fun drive. Continue reading

X-Hunters celebrate Megaman’s 25th birthday in Philly TONIGHT! (10PM)

UpUpDownDown is for those who like video games in their music, on their TVs, and in their drinks. Cause we got all of them.

Facebook Event –

This month we’ll be celebrating Nole’s birthday. But wait THERE’S MORE. It’s also the Blue Bomber’s birthday!! So we are getting Megaman X metal extraordinaire the X-Hunters to play live upstairs at barbarella! WOAH!! That’s a full live band people.