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Video Game Rescue – Episode 31 – 7:30pm EST Today

On today’s podcast we have guest co-host Will! We first met over at /r/GameCollecting about 6 months ago! Tune in to this episode to hear about the full story and what kid of video game collector he is. We also talk about reproduction games and sites that sell them like Lost Classics. Remember to order your gold Wii Nun chuck!

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8Bit Power Hour – Live NOW!

8Bit Power Hour w/ OBTUSE!


This coming Monday night, 11/26, on the 8 Bit Power Hour:




8 Bit Power Hour can be heard at ! Join Obtuse and Hoodie at 9 PM!

Also joining us on the show will be the bossman of badassery, Robert Swackhamer of the brand new 8beerx!

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OCAD ANNOUNCEMENT – “I’m going away for a while, Meatwad. And I may never come back. But I’ll always be right here….inside….”

Ladies and Gentlemen, friends and well-wishers, fellow nerds, geeks, and denizens of the darkest corners of the tubes of the Internet,

I feel very divided as I write this.  On the one hand, it is not something I nor anyone else here at OCAD was looking forward to, though inevitable it may have been.  On the other hand, it does provide some relief to finally say it and get things over with, like ripping a gross, disgusting band-aid off quickly because it starts to turn bright green and smell like stale pineapple:

OverClocked After Dark is going on indefinite hiatus.

Yes, I am being serious about this.

We are winding down the rest of the year, with our Holiday show being on December 23rd and the final episode being December 30th (more on the final episode in a bit).  I will be doing my best to gather all the co-hosts, new or old, to make some kind of an appearance between now and when the show stops.  We have a lot planned for the episodes leading up to the final extravaganza, so read on and find out all what is going down.

I. “OCAD is dead, long live OCAD.”

OverClocked After Dark started almost as a joke, like a mutant baby being thrust out of the womb of Scarlett Johansen.  As much as David would say that the show started earlier, our first episode came out right before Halloween in 2009.  David approached me a few weeks earlier asking if I wanted to come on the newly-resuscitated VGDJ, which I said I would love to do.  A long time went by and, for some reason, the offer was rescinded due to circumstances beyond his control.  We still chatted and before long we had come up with an idea of a show of our own, since VGDJ’s posting schedule would be unknown (it ended up dying again just as quickly as it came back).  We were going to play all the OCReMixes that had come out between when VGDJ stopped and we started, and from then on we’d play all the mixes posted between each of our own episodes.  He got his friend Deven on board and we started down this crazy path.  It’s very strange to think that this was over three years ago now.  All the original OCAD hosts have had their lives change so much over the course of the show’s existence that it took me a while to remember the humble roots that we began at.

Over time, the show had many guests (some more reputable than others), switched formats from a pre-recorded show to a live show, hosted many a panel at conventions, and of course, started the whole drunken fanfiction reading thing (I’m not sure if we started it in-general or just came up with our iteration on our own, but it was immaculate to say the very least).  We’ve had hosts come and leave as their own lives changed, but we were always, at the core, a show about a bunch of people talking about whatever the fuck they felt like.  In my perspective, our humor was always derived from the aspect that these are the same conversations other nerds would have with their friends while drinking.  I’ve had people approach me saying that what they like most about the show is that even if they’re not an active part of it, they feel involved because of how the hosts interact with the listeners, and how down to earth we made every single conversation. [David: “Stevo’s mom.”]

As of late, it’s been a very rough road.  It’s been a rough road bringing on new guests, a rough time getting ahold of normal hosts, and a rough time to keep things fresh and entertaining.  Rather than drag things out through the mud and have it end on a low note, we’ve come together and decided to leave things on a relatively high note at the end of this year.  We’re all going to miss the weekly mayhem that comes from OCAD proper, but we’re looking forward to a number of fresh starts.

Mind you, I use the term hiatus as it is meant: we are not done for good, possibly.  We are taking an extended break and do not know if or when we will come back to it.

We’ve had quite a wild ride, and even though it’s almost up, we’re not completely fading away…

II. While OCAD may be dead, Fanfic will go on (which means we’re still going to have dying brains)

8BitX will continue to air OCAD reruns during our normal 8PM timeslot on Sunday evenings for anyone who wants to tune in.  We will be requesting that they start from Episode 1 when the new year starts, and go from there.  For anyone who started the show later on, I encourage you to try and sit through the first few episodes and see if you can even stand what you’re listening to.  Don’t remind me about that silly OCR Newbie section, I want to leave it die and never talk about it again.  That’s my Star Wars Holiday Special.

Furthermore, the Dramatically Drunken Fanfiction episodes will still be happening every other Friday starring the regular crew.  However, the group from OCAD is starting a new umbrella group that will be put on all attached series.

Allow me to introduce Nighthorse Media.

This new collective will be releasing a number of series, including the Drunken Fanfiction things that will start after the end of our current Fanfic.  In the meantime, go to the website and favorite it so you know where to go when the show stops.

III. First Achievement Reviews & God We Suck, Audi-O, and more.

As mentioned, there are a lot of new things coming out of this ending of OCAD.  Fanfic continues, of course, but David and Stevo will be starting a new YouTube series called “First Achievement Reviews [David: Because first impressions are everything] & God We Suck”.  This is a split-subject series with each episode starting with a review of a game based on gameplay ONLY up until the first achievement is acquired.  After that, the duo will take on some blind Let’s Playing.  We already have our first games picked out for each for the first episode, so that will be coming soon to a browser window near you!

Furthermore, Audi and Stevo will still be doing their “Audi-O” side-show, where we answer any and all questions that are asked of us.  This show will be a pre-recorded show, so be sure to send all your questions to  We have a temporary site set up here:  Also facebook:

Oh No, Audi-O is not a Nighthorse Media series, but we figured that it should be mentioned because it has two previous OCAD hosts doing their thing.

There will probably be a bunch of other things that will come out of this crazy crew of collaborative…umm…crustaceans.

IV.  The Final Episodes (also countdown) [David: DOOT DA DOO DOO! DOOT DA DOOT DOOT DOOOO!]

a) Sunday, December 9th 8PM EST: The Community Appreciation Show

We will sit down and invite everyone who wants to come on and live chat with us on the air between song breaks. Come and join drunken talking with the stars!  We all may not be drunk and will have guests on as time permits, but if you wanted to come on the show, this is probably your last chance to do it for a long time!

b) Sunday, December 16th 8PM EST: ???? (WE MIGHT HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU)

c) Sunday, December 23rd 8PM EST: Host’s Reflection

It’s been a long three years, so sit down with us and a cup of hot Christmas Jones and join us as we take a trip down memory lane. The hosts will prattle on about the good ole days and how awesome you guys have been.

d) Sunday, December 30th, 7PM EST: OCADEMY AWARDS BLOWOUT EXTRAVAGANZA SUPRA SALE SENORIAL ENDING SHOW [David: This time we might actually give out trophies!]

This is it, folks.  This is the big one.  The big…giant…juicy…throbbing…wacky waving balloon guy.[David: The Big Doritos Locos Taco.]

This is where we have any and all available previous guest hosts come on and talk about their stuff since they’ve been on OCAD.  Furthermore, they will be giving out the OCADemdy Awards for the year, while we give our final hurrah.

V. A Mighty Thank You


While I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time to say our thank yous, I just want to reiterate that it has been you, the listeners and fans, that we’ve cherished the most throughout these past three years.  I’ll save the ramblings for later, but we want to extend our most sincere gratitude for anyone who gave us a listen, be it once or every week.  We love you folks.

Gamer Joe Radio Show joins 8bitX!

Hello everyone! Joe and Angela here, of Gamer Joe Radio Show! We are beyond excited to bring our show to such a wide audience here on 8bitX. For those of you who haven’t heard our show before, the focus is on VGM from all generations! We also have interviews with some of the most amazing artists in VGM, as well as composers! The show was founded on our belief that the music of games should be respected and loved just as any other genre in music. So often, the beautiful works of these composers go unrecognised while mainstream radio airwaves stream the same sludge they have been playing since we were children! To us, this is one of the greatest tragedies in all of music.

And now we find ourselves on a mission to support the gaming community and the composers within it. Through hard work and pure passion, we vow to spread the music of the games that have so often moved us in hopes that, in some way, these beautiful melodies and experiences can have the same effect on you.

Please join us here each and every Sunday at 4 p.m. EST! It’s Gamer Joe Radio Show! LIVE! And if you don’t show, it’s gaaaaaame over!

love and respect, Joe/Angela