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Halloween Special – Hosted by OBTUSE!!


9:00 PM Eastern – 8bitX Radio Network


We are a go! Thanks to OBTUSE for guest hosting the 8bitX Halloween Bash!!!

For the first time ever, we have a guest host for the 8bit Extravaganza, and it’s going to be for the Halloween Special with 8 Bit Power Hour‘s OBTUSE!!!

Protomen, Those Who Fight announced for Magfest 11 as the Full lineup is announced!



Washington DC, VA, MD – October 31st, 2012 – MAGFest, the Music And Gaming Festival has strived since 2002 to create the very best lineup of musicians, combining the incomparable enthusiasm of the video game music community and game industry greats on hand to perform live in front of thousands of fans. Over a decade, over 50 different bands and artists have taken the stage at our festival.

MAGFest 11 will celebrate the 10th anniversary with our best music lineup yet!
On January 3rd -6th, 2013, almost 40 music acts will take part in the festivities and put on the greatest show in the world, featuring music from your favorite video games taken to unimaginable places.

The stage is set, and MAGFest 11 will be the biggest MAGFest to date. The concerts will take place in a unique double stage setting which allows for concerts around the clock over the 4 days of the festival, and with over 10 new debuts, return of fan favorites and true video game legends in attendance, you can be sure that once again, MAGFest is an experience not to be missed!

 The full line up for MAGFest XI is:

Special Guests:

Main Stage – Broadcast on Arecibo Radio:

Second Stage – Broadcast on 8bitX:

Chiptunes – Broadcast on Arecibo Radio:


(Visuals will be suplied by Batsly AdamsInvaderbaccaNO CARRIER, and Pixelseed)

About MAGFest:

MAGFest, The Music And Gaming Festival, is an annual event in the Washington D.C./Virginia/Maryland area dedicated to the celebration of video games and video game music. Each year, MAGFest offers 24-hour console, arcade, and PC game rooms, over twelve live video game cover bands, chiptunes, a vendors area, and guest speakers from the video game industry and fan scene. It also features a “JamSpace” available to all attendees for impromptu music performances. Numerous other events are scheduled each day. The 11th annual MAGFest, or MAGFest 11 for short, is scheduled for January 3-6 2013. For more details regarding MAGFest, contact Nick Marinelli, MAGFest press and public relations director,

Magfest Stage 2 Concerts will be broadcast LIVE on 8bitx!!

Magfest dot org

October 24th 2012 – A GOOD FISH DAY YET!

Yes my friend! Stage II performances will be broadcast LIVE from the 11th Annual Music and Gaming Festival via the airwaves of the 8bitX Radio Network.

We at 8bitX are honored to bring the next generation of Video Game Bands, Dj’s and special acts to those who cannot make the trip to Magfest 11.

Stage 2 Performers (more to come)



About 8bitX Radio Network:

8bitX Radio Network was founded in 2006, as a way to pay tribute to Video Game Cover Bands, DJs, and embrace the VGM scene. The mission has been to help new music and bands get noticed and for the listeners to get to know the artists behind the music.

Since that time we have grown into 13+ shows surrounding the culture of video games. Our shows feature dynamic personalities and an interactive approach to the audience that makes each show unique. The entire schedule can be found here:


During the day enjoy our hand selected playlist of songs from across the VGM landscape. Too many artists to name, but you will find the latest music on there from many of the Stage 2 performers listed above.

Show Time

Our shows range from Aristogamers who judge with their nose in the air, Overclocked After Dark bringing the chaos, to the masterfully produced Blue Shell Manifesto,  to our 8bit Sex talk show with certified Sexual Education Professional Lauren Goodnight.

No matter what you find here we hope you find a show you enjoy.

If you want to drop us a line, or are interested in joining 8bitx, please let us know:

Thank you for listening!

DJ Cutman Exclusive Interview on Blue Shell Manifesto!

Image Courtesy of

Thursday 10:00 PM Eastern – 8bitx Radio Network

Tune in Thursday night to the Blue Shell Manifesto for an exclusive interview with DJ Cutman about his new release f/ Megaran!

It’s the first time these two Mega Powers have collaborated, and JT Murphy will get behind the story for the first time in this Worldwide Exclusive interview!

Schedule Update: The 8bit Extravaganza Postponed for 10/24

Halloween Bash 11/31/12

Wednesday 9:00 PM Eastern – 8bitX Radio Network

In preparation for the massive Halloween Bash, the 8bit Extravaganza will be airing a Halloween Bash from previous years at 9:00 PM Eastern!!

2012 Halloween Bash Details: