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Jurassic Hour Live: Koshiro-fest coming Wednesday, Sept 19 9pm ET!

koshiro Jurassic Hour Live: Koshiro fest coming Wednesday, Sept 19 9pm ET!


Please note: as advertised in a prior post, The Jurassic Hour will be doing its second ever *live* show. Stephen Meyerink and Don Kotowski will join me (Patrick Gann) as we listen to a total of 40 songs from the illustrious career of game music composer Yuzo Koshiro (who will be a guest at MAGFest 11 in January!). From Ys, Actraiser, and Streets of Rage all the way up to the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune and Etrian Odyssey series, we’ll be covering a ton of Koshiro goodness and adding color commentary and our expert knowledge on this master composer.

Don’t miss this incredible 2 hour show! It will air during the normal 8bitx timeslot of Wednesday, 9pm ET. Please tell everyone you know about this show, and feel tree to even tweet the live show time and chatroom URL to Koshiro himself; who knows, maybe he’ll show up?!