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Jurassic Hour Live: Koshiro-fest coming Wednesday, Sept 19 9pm ET!


Please note: as advertised in a prior post, The Jurassic Hour will be doing its second ever *live* show. Stephen Meyerink and Don Kotowski will join me (Patrick Gann) as we listen to a total of 40 songs from the illustrious career of game music composer Yuzo Koshiro (who will be a guest at MAGFest 11 in January!). From Ys, Actraiser, and Streets of Rage all the way up to the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune and Etrian Odyssey series, we’ll be covering a ton of Koshiro goodness and adding color commentary and our expert knowledge on this master composer.

Don’t miss this incredible 2 hour show! It will air during the normal 8bitx timeslot of Wednesday, 9pm ET. Please tell everyone you know about this show, and feel tree to even tweet the live show time and chatroom URL to Koshiro himself; who knows, maybe he’ll show up?!

091212 – Podcast Update! – The World Is Square – Takeover!


**Warning**Uncensored Podcast

The…World…Is…Square…. and they have taken over the 8BitX airwaves. Listen in as we interview the whole band live via skype and play their brand new album “No Phoenix Down Can Save You Now” which you should purchase at . Listen in as not only do we have the whole band live but we have guests on such as Brandon L. Hood, Avery ( X-Hunters Drummer ), Nole ( The Bad Father ), & Lobo’s (Guitarist of DOE). We did good Yet Dude…

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iGame Music Bundle Redux + upcoming Koshiro-only live episode!

Hey everyone, Patrick from The Jurassic Hour here. Hope y’all have enjoyed the last few recorded episodes we’ve released. The most recent one involved a lot of alcohol.

Anyway, I just wanted to hop on here quickly to say two things. First, the above video is something I recently produced for OriginalSoundVersion. In it, over the span of 14 minutes, you’ll hear 14 songs from the 14 albums available in the current bundle from (the “iGMB,” soundtracks for games on iOS). I’m throwing it here too because, in the video, I’m wearing my snazzy 8bitx T-shirt, which I first procured when 8bitx started syndicating the Jurassic Hour (sometime around MAGFest X). I’m reppin’ the shirt because the front makes a big statement, and it has 8bitx in sweet pixel-blocky letters on the back. Hint: if you don’t own this shirt, beg Will and the others to bring some to MAGFest 11 so they can sell it to you. It’s basically the best shirt ever. And if you haven’t picked up that bundle of musical goodness yet, I urge you to do so.

Second, The Jurassic Hour is going to be doing its second live show in approximately one week (date TBD, as soon as it’s solidified you’ll hear about it here). Tell everyone you know! It’s going to be a solid two hour block where we do nothing but play music written by game music legend Yuzo Koshiro and discuss his involvement in a variety of game projects over the past 25 years. In case you missed it, Koshiro will be one of the big VIP guests at MAGFest 11. We’re hoping this tribute show will catch his attention, too. The show will have me, and returning from SEMO is Don Kotowski, and we’ll also have RPGFan Soundtracks editor Stephen Meyerink. We’ve picked our favorite songs from your favorite games, as well as games you’ve definitely never heard of, all written by Koshiro-san. Don’t miss it.

090512 – Podcast Update! – Request Night – Final Fantasy


Originally planned to have a Final Fantasy Request Night with a live interview from The World Is Square turned out just to be a Request Night with the Final Fantasy requests due to scheduling conflicts.

Due to the sudden chaos the chatroom turned out great with loads of Final Fantasy songs. We hear the classic requests, a song from The World Is Square’s new album, and also some new stuff from Knight Of The Round.

Stay tuned next week for The Wolrd Is Square Takeover…EY!

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