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082912 – Podcast Update! – Live Event! UpUpDownDown – Philly~!


This is unlike any show we have done, meaning, this was a live event, unscripted, just describing the VGM Community live as it happened before us.

Listen in as we were live in Philadelphia at the BarBarElla as Will8BitX & Rob (Mr_Cultural) broadcasted the chaos that was brought out by Nole and John D DJ’ing SFII themed epicness.

Give us your feedback for future live events of what you want us to do to cover for your listening pleasure.

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Descendants of Erdrick shock the VGM Community

DOE's 2nd Album

The past week has been a crazy roller coaster ride for fans of the video game music cover band Descendants of Erdrick.

On Monday through the band’s Facebook account,  and the individual band members accounts, it was announced that 4 out of the 5 members of the current lineup are leaving the band.  The name of Descendants of Erdrick will go on under the vision of Amanda Lepre, the only survivor of the current lineup.

The band also announced on Wednesday that their 2nd album will be released in the timeframe of January 2013 as well as their last performance together with the current lineup.

Finally in less than 1 hour on Thursday the band’s Kickstarter for the 2nd and final DOE album with this lineup was funded 100%.

Personal Note:
No doubt this does mark the end of an era for a group of people who wanted to unite the VGM community in the heart of Texas. I am personally saddened at the news as the Descendants of Erdrick’s current lineup have been a personal favorite band of mine. I consider each member a friend, and I really cannot wait to see what is coming around the corner for everyone involved.

Up Up Down Down – Street Fighter – Broadcast LIVE from Philly – 9:00PM

Up Up Down Down is a FREE event held on the last Wednesday of each month in Philly that features awesome VGM, games, and a rocking good time.

We are honored to broadcast live and direct a very special version of this event as John D vs Nole represent Street Fighter, and it’s 25th Anniversary! There will be SHOTS themed in SF style, and so much more!!

The madness begins at 9:00 PM, join us, and Shaun8bitX will be in the chatroom!

Facebook Page:

Tune In:


About Up Up Down Down:

This month, and more specifically the 30th, marks Street Fighter’s 25th Anniversary. We’re super excited to announce that this month’s Up Up Down Down will be a special Street Fighter Edition.

So come join us in what will be many cheers to a revolutionary game, A game that not only defined the fighting genre, but helped shape gaming as we know it.

Expect SF themed drinks, games, music, and cosplay!?!?

VGM Radio 8bitX will be broadcasting LIVE from this event!!!!!

Nole and John D
With Special Guests Ken Masters and Ryu

Guile’s Flash Kick
Ken’s Shoryuken
Free Hadouken Shots at Midnight (while spplies last)

Old school Street Fighter on the arcade cabinet (Free Play)
Capcom vs. SNK 2 (PS2) on the bar TVs

Special Thanks to Dennis Ibarra who created this amazing flyer

10 PM