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071812 – Podcast Update! – Sports Games Series: Pro Wresting 2


This was a popular topic last week so we bring you the Sports Series: Wrestling 2. We have 6 in the pack today, WrestleFest ( Arcade ), WWF Wrestle Mania Challange ( NES ), WWF King Of The Ring ( NES ), Saturday Night Slam Masters ( SNES ), HammerLock Wrestling ( SNES ), Natsume Championship Wrestling ( SNES ), & WCW SuperBrawl ( SNES ).

We had an excellent Story from Chatroom and Live Listener RDubs about going to the arcade to play WrestleFest along with some excellent Wrestling memories with Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage as the Super Powers….also here some prank calls we did pre 8BitX..

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GeekBeat Zombies & 8bitSex Returns!!

8bitSex w/ Lauren Goodnight RETURNS!

After many weeks, Lauren goodnight is BACK! Phone lines (eightbitxxx on skype) will be steaming up with your calls tonight!

Join us in the chatroom:

  • 7:00 PM Eastern – GeekBeat Radio
  • 10:00 PM Eastern – 8bitSex w/ Lauren Goodnight

Preview of Geekbeat at 7:00PM

Kira and Bory had a huge group this week.
Paul Kemp, of Backbone Networks Corporation, was with us to discuss the future of internet radio and tell us a bit about his company.

We were also joined in studio by
Sergio Garcia of FatFoot Media
Aaron of “The Dregs” another UNregularradio show airing every Friday at 2pm EST

Matt Zappa arrived with Vinay of Robot and The Wizard

KC UNregularradio Social Media guru sat in for a while

And somehow somehow Jeremy proved his existence to Kira by agreeing, unprompted, to her boat Zombie Apocalypse Plan.
I am still not buying it.

Geekbeat Radio debuts tonight at 7:00PM!!

Geekbeat Radio on 8bitX!

Tonight at 7:00PM Eastern we are honored to present Geekbeat Radio out of Boston! This is the flagship show of every geek!  Come get your fill of everything from PAX to the Zombie Apocalypse. Video games and conventions will be reviewed and new science will be dropped during each episode!

Tune in to 8bitX Radio Network

Geekbeat Radio airs live on UNregular Radio every Monday night, and if you miss that episode, you can catch the replay each Friday on 8bitX!

Join us in the chatroom for interaction with your favorite 8bitX personalities as we check out Geekbeat!

About Geekbeat Radio

Calling all Geeks. Looking for a safe place to let your Geek flag fly with pride? Well, look no further and get ready to stream some serious Geek friendly online radio straight to your computer or advanced mobile device. Geek Beat Radio, a program delivered to you by Unregular Radio, provides the best the world of Geek’s has to offer. Internet radio will never be same after Geek Beat and let me tell you fellow listener, neither will you.

About UNregular Radio

UNregular Radio is a free internet radio station headquartered in Boston, MA. UNregular broadcasts 24 hours a day on four channels, with over 35 live shows per week. We bring independent thought and entertainment back to radio and provide an interactive experience for listeners with music, comedy, sports, talk, festivals, politics, and so much more.
Listen now on your iPhone, Android, Computer and many other internet devices.

071112 – Podcast Update! – Sports Games Series: Pro Wresting


TMNT Tribute – Those Who Fight Takeover

We bring to you a new series of shows of which one of the Topic is Sports Games. This podcast is the first part of Pro Wrestling Games for the NES. We have 6 in the pack today, all for the nes being Tag Team Mactch M.U.S.C.L.E, Pro Wrestling, Tag Team Wrestling, Tecmo World Wrestling, WCW World Championship Wrestling, & WWF Wrestlemania.

During this podcast we also have 2 great live interviews that have joined our network. The first Geek Beat Radio hosted from UnRegular and Brad from


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New Shows, Schedule changes, and More!

We are gearing up for Nerdapalooza! Overclocked After Dark is planning an invasion of sorts, so stay tuned every Sunday for details on the mutiny!

New Shows:

  • This past Saturday we were honored to have a brand new never before heard episode of’s Podcast special on The Chicago Bears, as well as the World Premiere of the Retro Sports Review!  We are the only place you can hear this show! If you missed this we are running replays every Monday night.
  • Aristogamer will debut Thursday night at 8:30PM EST!  We will tell you more about this gem of a show, but just know this is one of the best shows to listen to if you are all about what is next in video gaming!

Schedule Changes:

  • The Jurassic Hour moves to 10:00PM EST, and The Silly Show hosted by Cyril jumps up to 8PM EST. This flip-flop is due to a schedule change for Cyril, and also allow The Jurassic Hour to broadcast at a great time for collaborators overseas for live shows!!
  • The Blue Shell Manifesto will return on July 12th after a much needed rest. Phoenix Downs really help when you’ve been pushing yourself as hard as JT does each and every week! The best produced show on the network rises once again!

Full Schedule of Shows:

Thank you all for listening!

070412 – Podcast Update! – Opening Day 2012 2nd Inning 4th of July Blast


We originally had this show planned out back in May after the first opening day show but we were unable to perform that Wednesday.

Our next show..that is 4th of July…what better topic to talk about on America’s Day than Baseball. So we covered some nes baseball games along with a 4th of July Topic – Gamings Greatest Patriots from a article published in 2010.

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