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The Album, Game, and Comic Project - Language Arts

What happens when an artist makes a huge splash doing one project, but wants to expand beyond that with his future works? Will fans of his previous work dig the new? Will they expect more of the same, when the very heart of a musician is to explore their abilities by trying new styles? These are some of the questions Raheem Jarbo, aka Random, has faced since he released the immensely popular Mega Ran – a hip hop take on the classic Mega Man series. Since then Jarbo has gone on to release an amazing catalog of music – some related to games, some not. Be that as it may, and to quote the MC himself, his fans always clamor for “more gamer rap”.

Jarbo’s solution? Combine his love for teaching, comics, music, and games into an innovative, multimedia project called Language Arts. With such a wide body of influences, the project has something for everyone. The first album has dropped already, but there’s plenty more content on the way including a comic book, a game, and even more music. Fans of the original Mega Ran can rest easy though, there’s an expanded, remastered version coming out later this year to celebrate the album’s fifth anniversary.

Random will join us this Wednesday the 27th at 7PM Eastern to discuss his music, his upcoming tour, and whatever you guys want to hear about. Want to know his favorite Transformer? Want to request a song for when he comes to your town? Want a short freestyle rap about why Michael Bay is an idiot for trying to touch TMNT? Ok, well maybe not that last one – but still, be sure to join us in the chatroom right at 7PM for your chance to ask. Get your questions ready, and spread the word! This is going to be awesome.

062012 – Podcast Update – TMNT Tribute – Those Who Fight Takeover


We planned to bring you a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tribute show, meaning 1-3 on the NES and the SNES Turtles in Time along with both motion films.

Planned was a brief Those Who Fight interview which turned out to be 3/4ths of the show due to the awesomeness of the chatroom and those who called in.

Listen as the crazy callers call in and ask questions about this upcoming BitGen in Baltimore along with more touring questions

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How The Minibosees & TooManyGames landed me in the hospital, TMNT DOD Tribute, and much more!

Too Many Games Expo from Philly was great!
If you’ve seen our YouTube coverage, we have performances from Inverse Phase, Brentalfloss, The X-Hunters, Temp Sound Solutions, and the afterparty with The Minibosses!!

So how did the fun go from Moshing with Brentalfloss to the Emergency Room the next day!?! Tonight on the 8bit Extravaganza (9PM Eastern in the chatroom) we will reveal all, plus reaction to the comments on DSPgaming’s YouTube footage of the TMG afterparty, talk about Livingin8bits and how awesome they are, and finally a tribute to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles including the tracks from the Dwelling of Duels TMNT month!!

Tune in Tonight 9PM!

VGM Soundtracks You Might Have Missed: Magician

Welcome back, everyone and me! I was suddenly beset by a week of tragedies and victories, none of which I care to talk about at the moment, so instead we’re going to talk about an exciting soundtrack that’s NOT from Japan and not even composed by a lady! Let’s talk about Magician on the NES: […]

061312 – Podcast Update – Request Night – VGM Bands II


We have for you another request night in which the chatroom crowd will request songs of their choice from the topic that is presented to them. Tonights topic – Video Game Music – The Bands. This is always a popular topic as we get a ton of requests and normally not enough to to fulfill them all.

Enjoy as you will here bands such as Amanda Lepre, MegaRan, The One-Ups, Beefy, The Grammar Club, Year 200x, Duane and Brando and many many more…

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