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VGM Soundtracks You Might Have Missed: Mega Man X3

Welcome back! I had a marathon of other things to accomplish yesterday (for instance, I accomplished myself a copy of Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals on the DS), so this post is somewhat belated, but that’s ok because the soundtrack for today’s game makes up for it. Let’s talk about the music of Mega Man […]

This Week In Gaming History: EA Eats Everything

On May 28th, 1982, Electronic Arts, or EA for short, was founded by Trip Hawkins. The company started small by creating computer games and eventually got into the business of buying other businesses and are now the biggest business business in the business.  Ho boy, what a week! I promise next week is all good news, […]

Jurassic Hour Special LIVE Playlist-Off Tues (5/29) 8pm Eastern!

Hey kiddies!

If you follow all the shows on the 8bitx network, you already know that “The Jurassic Hour” (from is a pre-recorded, edited, nicely-touched-up kind of deal. Our broadcast time on the 8bitx schedule is 8pm on Tuesdays (right before Cyril’s Silly Show). We actually have a new episode ready for consumption, regarding Kyle Pulver’s new game Offspring Fling! — but it won’t air this week. Because this week, we’re using our time slot to do something fun. And LIVE.

I, Patrick Gann, will be joined with game music guru Don Kotowski (of Square Enix Music Online) to have a playlist-off! Don and I have both written hundreds of soundtrack reviews for our respective websites. Japanese or domestic, new or old, obscure or popular, it doesn’t matter — we consider ourselves experts of our field. For this special live episode, we’ll each be selecting our favorite OSTs, arrange albums, and “original work” albums. For each album selected, one person will pick their favorite track (which you’ll hear in the background, or we might just stop talking so you can soak in the VGM goodness). After that, the co-host responds with their favorite track from that same OST.

It’ll be a lot of back-and-forth using some of the best music in VGM: much of which you’ve perhaps not been exposed to yet. So that’s exciting. We’ll also be taking requests via the chatroom during certain segments of the show. Rest assured, we’ll be going the full two hours, and Cyril will have to wrestle the livestream from my bleeding hands! (maybe.)

Please don’t miss out on this special event. Tell all your friends! TUESDAY, MAY 29, 8pm – 10pm Eastern Standard Time. It’s going to be glorious.

052312 – Podcast Update – 32|64 Bit Tournament II – 32|64 Bit 2 Clips Show


We have 2 games remaining in the Tournament..Final Fantasy VII and Mario Kart 64..this is the Super Bowl of the 8BitX so this will be the off week until the Final Match up. This also has to do with us not being able to constantly manning the Mic due to real life circumstances…so everything worked out schedule wise.

Listen to this podcast as this isn’t a total clip show..we were able to get on the mic most of the night with a full chatroom in angst for the World Premier of Amanda Lepre‘s Music Video…Slay The Dragon.

This podcast will feature a live Creepy Craigslist…an amazing OC Remix of the Week: Castlevania ‘Death Tap’ by Mega Beardo..and an amazing Hoodie vs Lobos Wave Race 64 vs Mario Kart 64 debate…

Click below to watch the amazing Amanda Lepre Music Video: Slay The Dragon.

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Game of the Week (feat. DanGTX): Crystal Warriors

Greetings, internet! I mentioned a while ago, though I don’t remember where or when, that I welcome anyone that wants to write a few words about a game that really moved them, and today we’re welcoming a gentleman simply called “Dan GTX”, whom you’ve probably seen jamming out at some of the larger VGM shows […]

VGM Soundtracks You Might Have Missed: Little Nemo: The Dream Master

Before playing one of the handful of shows before we were a “whole” group, Descendants of Erdrick, rather, the 3 guitarists of the group, were asked to play a house party for a fan whom we’re very fond of (he’s the guy that draws this here webcomic). With the invitation to play the party, he […]