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Monday Night Youtube! Bit Brigade

We have a ton of Live Material on our Youtube Page –

Mega Man 2 and awesomeness..yes that is what Bit Brigade did at Magfest 10 Check out the whole set by clicking on the video or heading to our Youtube page.

Magfest 10 – 010712 – Bit Brigade – 09 – Dr Wiley Part 2 End Credits

Check out Bit Brigade here:
Also you can check out this: FaceBook page:
Members Gamer – Noah McCarthy Guitar
– Bryant Williamson Guitar
– Jace Bartet Bass
– Luke Fields Drums
– Mike Albanese Booking

This Week in Gaming History: Cartridges Forever!

“We don’t believe that, as yet, the public has been convinced CDs can deliver the sort of games that they want…we will make a move when CDs fulfill one of two criteria: Either we can deliver a drive at the right price which plays games at the right speed, or there is a demand for products […]

Feature: 10 Incredible Video Game Composers Who Happen To Be Women

Ok here’s the thing, I’m no feminist*, but I like to give credit where credit is due, and I can assure you, there is a ton of credit due in the world of video game music to the composers who largely made it what it is today, and who also happen to be women. I […]

042512 – Podcast Update – 32|64 Bit Tournament II – Block 07


Two Blocks left…we introduce to you the Block 07. The battles this week are, (1) Resident Evil, (2) WWE: No Mercy, (3) CastleVania 64, (4) Mario Party, (5) Diddy Kong Racing, (6) Nights Into Dreams, (7) The Mystical Ninja Goemon, and (8) Glover.

Resident Evil came in as the #1 Seed with heavy backing as killing Zombies is always the cool thing to do. The 8th Seed Glover, a very underated game looks to take it out in in the first round. Other favorites such as Nights Into Dreams and The Mystical Ninja starring Goemon. And of course..WWF No Mercy was up in the block to join its rival WcW|Nw0 Wrestling in the Final 8 but will fail to do so.

Listen in as an emotional WWF No Mercy goes up against The Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon via Skype with Will8BitX and Pat from The Jurassic Hour.

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Game of the Week: Wrath of the Black Manta

Before you even start, Yes I Can write over 1000 words on a seemingly half-finished ninja game that has never once strayed from the bargain bin. In fact, this is one of my favorite games ever, and if you gave it a chance, it’d be one of your favorites too. Behold, Taito’s 1990 opus, Wrath of […]