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Amanda Lepre Interview airs 9:30 PM Eastern

AmandaLepreTonight 9:30 PM Eastern on The 8bit Extravaganza (, Amanda Lepre, Guitarist for the Decendants of Erdrick, Guitarist & Vocalist for Those Who Fight, joins Will Strouse! Hear the hour long interview where Amanda discusses Magfest X, Decendants of Erdrick, Those Who Fight, her solo albums, Madonna, and which moment at Magfest brought the rock superstar to tears.

This will be one you will not want to miss, and there might be a special bonus for fans of THOSE WHO FIGHT!

Nobuooo Founder Starts Kickstarter Campaign, Album Giveaway

For those of you who might not be familiar with the game music news site Nobuooo – who, along with the people at GameMusic4All, brought us the fantastic IWADON compilation – the site was an interesting experiment in user-generated news.  Though Nobuooo has shuttered its doors, founder Jeriaska recently unveiled his new site Nubuwo.  Much like Nobuooo, Nubuwo will allow fans of video game music to post links to new albums, interviews, news articles, podcasts, and more.

To raise funds for the operation of the site, Jeriaska has begun a one week Kickstarter campaign entitled ‘Adventures in Video Game Audio.’  With this funding, Jeriaska promises to produce more outstanding interviews with professional game composers, more album projects, and to make Nubuwo a hub for all things video game music.  To sweeten the deal, anyone who donates at least $9 receives an incredible bundle of albums from artists such as Super Meat Boy composer Danny Baranowsky, Mega Ran and Kyle Murdock, Final Fantasy XIII composer Masashi Hamauzu, and high-energy chip pop band Sexy Synthesizer.

We’d absolutely recommend you check out this deal – and hurry, since it ends on Thursday, March 1st.  Not only is your money going to support a fantastic news outlet for video game music, but you get a selection of amazing albums in exchange!  Strapped for cash?  Well then tune in to Radio Free Gamer this Wednesday, February 29th at 7PM Eastern and we’ll give out a few free albums!  Just join us in the chat live during the show, and we’ll hold the drawings.  Be there, and be sure to spread the word!

022212 – Podcast Update – 32|64 Bit Tournament II – Last Chance Show


This is it! This was the last chance to get your games in the 32|64 Bit Tournament II that is coming up. Now you cannot bitch at us why your game wasn’t added. With only 3 games requested to be added we went through some of the 8 ranked seeds from last year and see if we wanted to replace the new 3 this time around. Well we welcome, Nightmare Creatures [ N64 ], Glover [ N64 ], and Rayman2 [ N64 ] to the tournament and bid adieu to Suikoden [ PS1 ], Virtual-On [ PS1 ], and Paperboy 64 [ N64 ].

Listen as we also give you a soundbyte of the interview with Lobo’s, internet guitarist and one of the guitarists of Descendants of Erdrick.

**NOTE** The official Tournament bracket will be posted no later than Monday Night, 02.27.12.

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021512 – Podcast Update – Indy Bundle Game II Release Party


As we planned to do a bottom seed show of the up and coming 32|64 Bit Tournament II Josh Whelchel had other plans. We are proud to present to you the Indy Bundle Gaming II charity release party.

Radio Free Gamer’s Justin Johnston and Josh Whelchel of the famed internets introduce us to this great package of Indy Game Music in the form of a Charity promotion that they wanted to release on our network.

Sit back as Will8BitX hosts a great event with Justin and Josh explaining these great albums that are included.

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