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‘Dustforce’ Interview on Radio Free Gamer

This week Radio Free Gamer is proud to bring you a live interview with Terence Lee, aka Lifeformed, composer for the indie smash hit Dustforce. I had the privilege of reviewing this game for our news partner site, Elder-Geek, and I fell in love with both the game and the soundtrack.  The game is a challenging, perfectly tuned platformer in the vein of Super Meat Boy.  The soundtrack, a juxtaposition of light, airy synths and ground-shaking bass.  It’s absolutely breathtaking, so be sure to join us tomorrow at 7PM Eastern in that chat room with your questions!

Of course, we’ll also have more wonderful game music to share with you, including the latest release from OCRemix and a selection of pieces from the Bad Dudes!  Tune in live or download the podcast, but be sure to give it a listen.

012512 – PodCast Update! – Magfest 10 Recap 2


Magfest 10! Recap 2 Show

We come off our 2nd Magfest 10 Recap show due to our sudden improve of a listening party last week for Those Who Fight.

We covered the some of the bands we were able to record such as This Place is Haunted, Year 200x, ArmCannon, Bit Brigade, The X-Hunters, and of course Nobuo Uematsu’s amazing experience of a concert.

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8bit Extravaganza – Magfest X Review Party Podcast Available!

Bit Avenged, the chiptune rendition of Unavenged, $1

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Episode Minisite

First half of the show we were joined by Careless, Kit, Rook, and Konami from Random Encounter to discuss Magfest X, the future of Random Encounter, the rivalry with DOE, and amazing road stories from their summer tour!

Also a challenge was laid down for next Magfest which you don’t want to miss!
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Second half of the show was invaded by members of Those Who Fight!

We played the mixing board audio from their Magfest X performance, which was sent to us via an anonymous source.

Next thing you know Doomtrain, Diablos, and Crusader were in the chatroom answering questions LIVE.

Check out the chatlog on our minisite, and for a copy of the board audio from Those Who Fight’s set at Magfest X!!

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Music Video From Magfest X – State of the World

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Our Magfest X Review Party continues next week 9:00PM Eastern on

Jurassic Hour schedule change, Classic Silly Show!!

The Jurassic Hour will be moving to Tuesdays at 8:00 PM EST each and every week!

Following the Jurassic Hour is the show that is sweeping the internets by storm, Cyril’s Silly Show at 10:00PM Eastern!

Cyril is out in California living the good life and he’s left us with a classic episode to air! Join your fellow Brony in the chatroom!

Interact with Cyril at 10:00PM as he broadcasts LIVE! – Interactive IRC Chatroom –

Preview of this week’s Jurassic Hour #26: That’s So Neurotypical

Our 2012 debut was recorded mere moments before MAGFest X started. We weren’t there… yet.

Pete and Pat sat down with guest Dennis Rubinshteyn (an editor at RPGFan) before Pat and Dennis drove down to DC’s Gaylord National Hotel for the convention. In this episode, you’ll bear witness to the various ways we do and do not cope with the stress of the holidays. Pete destroys a pile of laundry while Pat hides from his own flesh and blood. Dennis proudly trudges on with his full time job.

After that, we talk games. Many, many games. I (Pat) am currently in the middle of an ELDER SCROLLS marathon, and I chat that up. We all talk about the magic and mayhem of the holiday sales (Humble Bundle 4 + Steam sales = wallet drain 3000). Many indie games are discussed, including a late 2011 title that we hope did not go below your radar. But if it did, you’re in luck.

TO THE MOON creator Kan Gao of Freebird Games chats with us in the second half of the show, just after we discuss our own experiences with the game. You’ll not want to miss this. Anyone who thinks clever, artful games can’t come out of an old template like RPG MAKER will have to see the error of their ways. This interview might help.

With music from Wild Flag and Kan Gao.

011112 – Podcast Update! – LOZ 25th Request Night


Request Night! Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary

Coming fresh off of a Magfest 10 amazing experience we bring to you a Request Night as we can prep for a proper Magfest 10 coverage show.

We did not properly cover Zelda having an amazing 25 years in the gaming industry so we celebrate with Link and the crew with songs that have been remixed or covered by bands or special sauce-ers.

Download the podcast all Ye Legend of Zelda Fans!

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