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122811 – Podcast Update! Happy New Year Magfest Preview!


Happy New Year! Magfest Preview

As we push out the year of 2011, we also preview for the Epicness that is Magfest.

The podcast will bring you some of the bands we witnessed at Magfest 9 and along with the excitement of the whole Con. Magfest 10 here we come!

Bands you will here in this podcast is X-Hunters, Rare Candy, Bit Brigade, MiniBosses, The One-Ups, This Place Is Haunted and many more…

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New WNES: Best of 2011, and a nice, long MAGFest chat

MAGFest 10 logoTonight on WNES, I corral MAGFest PR coordinator Nick Marinelli and concert logistics organizer BigMat for a nice, long chat about the biggest video game party of the year! We’ll be talking about MAGFests past, present and future, as we gear up for this January’s big event!

Also, I’m playing some of my favorite music of 2011, including Mega Ran, Rainbowdragoneyes, OverClocked Plaid Muffins, and more! Plus, I’m giving away a Steam copy of one of my favorite new series of 2011, Monday Night Combat!

Tune in at 10:00 PM Eastern TONIGHT!

“Yes I listen to Video Game Music” 8bitX Tshirts!

Yes I Listen to Video Game Music
Printed by

This awesome shirt declaring that, “Yes, I listen to Video Game Music” can be yours as we plan to unleash these at Magfest X!
We’ve thrown together a bundle of goodies for you as well as a Super Free Bonus Bootleg CD recorded in Philadelphia’s Danger! Danger! room from The One Ups!!

8bitX Tshirt Bundle – $15

  • 8bitX Tshirt
  • 5 New 8bitX Coin Stickers
  • 5 Vintage 8bitX Stickers
  • Classic Mario/Batman Sticker Trading Cards
  • Free Bonus Bootleg CD – The One Ups!

8bitX Tshirt Only – $10

- does not include stickers, cards, or CD

Shirt Size/Bundle

About the Bootleg CD:
Recorded in the Danger! Danger! Studio Suite in Philadelphia Pa

  • The One Ups performed most of their Intergalatic Redux set remarkably without Mustin or a keyboard!! New bass player seamlessly fit in and your ears will melt in delight. This is a set that must be heard.

Radio Free Gamer XMas Special, with Giveaways!

In the spirit of the season, I’m going to bribe you guys to listen to this week’s show by offering you sweet giveaways!  At least I’m straightforward about it.  Anyway, I picked up a bunch of awesome games from Steam, and I’ll hand some out to the people who are listening live.  We’ll also have some great wintery/xmas-y/holiday-y video game music, so be sure to tune in and drink some egg nog or something.  If people still drink egg nog.  Personally I’ll have my whiskey and cola, but if you want egg nog then who am I to object.  Weirdo.

So yes, be there tonight at 7PM Eastern in our chat room if you’re so inclined.  I’ll give stuff away over the course of my show.  I’ll also have some digital albums aside from the Steam games, so don’t be discouraged if you aren’t a member of the PC gaming crowd.  They’re egomaniacs anyway.  Oh, and if you are a member of said PC gaming brotherhood, you noble bastards, then be sure to download Steam if you want me to be able to send you a prize.  I thought that would be a given, but I’ll mention it just in case.  I’m out.



121411 – Podcast Update! – Best & Worst: Mario : II


Best & Worst: Mario II

The title may confuse you but we continue our Best & Worst Series topic of Mario, not Mario 2 the game.

The show covered Best Mario games such as Super Mario World, Super Mario Paint, & Dr. Mario, the worst game being Mario is Missing. We also kicked off the show with an amazing interview from the band Decendants of Erdrick. Check them out at Magfest this year!

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New WNES tonight: 8-Bit Duane and more!

Hey, this is JT, posting on the 8bitx front page for tonight’s new edition of WNES! On tonight’s show:

– I’ll be chatting with 8-bit Duane about his new project with Joey Zadjino, the second episode of the Action Adventure World game, and more!
– I’ll be running down the entire MAGFest lineup!
– I’ll be giving away the entire contents of a Humble Indie Bundle!
– SOPA talk, great music, and an awesome chatroom!

Come on by at 10 PM Eastern tonight!