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Badass: Descendents of Erdrick Castlevania IV, Minibosses & Megaran Vinyl!

Megaran announced in his newsletter that a new vinyl album will be coming out as he teams up with THE MINIBOSSES!  Now the two are releasing a single on each side of the album, but it’s AWESOME.

grey Badass: Descendents of Erdrick Castlevania IV, Minibosses & Megaran Vinyl!

Meanwhile in Texas the new Descendents of Erdrick lineup played a show at Kick Butt Coffee in Austin Texas, and here is Super Castlevania IV:

The Show and Tell #1: Party World Rasslin – Winter Wonderslam

If you’ve been following 8BitX for a while now you’ll know that some members of the staff are big wrestling fans. Plus you might know that we had a wrestling podcast in our lineup called Roundtable Wrestling Radio, which comes on right after Monday Night Raw. So if you like wrestling along with video game music and chiptunes, we’ve got you covered.

One thing we’ve been discussing here at 8BitX is possible coverage of indie wrestling leagues. If you’ve seen our Vimeo channel ( we’ve done a bit of work in NYC. And there are a couple of professional leagues here in Austin. In fact a friend of mine is a referee for one of them. So we definitely have enough subject matter to cover regardless of where we are.

In the interest of full disclosure I must admit the last time I had any interest in wrestling was during the late 80’s to early 90’s. And that was purely WWF. I never had any interest in the WCW before it was purchased.

Thankfully I’m good with stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to covering an event.

While there are leagues here in Austin, unfortunately life has gotten in the way and I haven’t had a chance to go explore their potential for coverage. Which sucks because I do think our audience would dig it

But then I heard of a group that called themselves Party World Rasslin.

And then I heard that multiple people from the TX Chip community were involved, so of course I had to check it out.

As a warning to wrestling fans: if you think that wrestling should only be presented in a certain fashion then you might not care for the rest of this article.

For everyone else who are mildly curious on what this whole thing might be about, then check out this video of their PWR Slamhain event:

After I watched that video I knew I had to go cover the Winter Wonderslam.

Even with having a video to get an idea of how thing might go with an event there’s still a lot of unknowns. The three I immediately I identified were A) how would the matches progress with regards to photographing the action, B) how well would the lighting work, and C) where would I be able to stand?

When I got to the location I found that the lighting would work well in my favor. The ring was really well lit. Given the kinds of lights they had it gave me some leeway in the shutter speeds and ISO settings I could use depending on where I was located. The ring was situated in one corner of the property to allow a lot of room for the fans. So this meant there would be two sides of the ring that would only have a little bit of room. One of those sides were reserved for the commentators and soundboard, so that meant there was one side I could really work with. Thankfully the lights were hung up high enough on that side so I wouldn’t cast large shadows. There was another photographer there and when I asked her how things usually go she said “It’s usually a free for all.”

Cool… I can work with that.

One thing that was interesting to work around was the ‘ropes’. If you’ve ever seen a regular boxing/wrestling ring you have some idea of where the ropes usually sit. In this case for PWR there was one rope at shoulder if not head height, and another at knee height. The knee height rope wasn’t a big issue, but the other rope would be interesting to work around.

There were some cases where the camera wanted to focus on the top rope which a couple of times ruined otherwise what could have been really good shots. Since action was happening so fast manual focusing wouldn’t work well for me in this case. So depending on where the wrestlers were in the ring I would try to get the camera to auto-focus on one specific point, and then frame the shot appropriately.

Thankfully working around that focus issue was a quick fix so I could take good shots. My biggest obstacle for the night was how fast a Canon T3i could shoot in RAW format. Canon states it can do a six picture burst, though I have noticed that I can sometimes get an initial burst of eight to nine pictures before I have to wait for the camera to write pictures to the SD card. If there was more lighting I may have been able to trade off writing the pictures in JPEG in order to get more pictures in a shooting burst, but in this case I thought it was better to have more control over the images in post production.

Even with working within those limitations I was able to get quite a few shots I really liked. For this adventure I brought along the 18-55mm kit lens, along with the f2.8 40mm lens. But for the zoom factor I went with the kit lens the entire night. In a lot of my concert coverage I tend to use my roommate’s 70-300mm zoom lens, but I knew that since there was a possibility I would be really close to the ring it wouldn’t do me a lot of good here. Canon has a 24-105mm lens that would work really well for events like this. I’ll have to purchase or rent one for future PWRs.

I used the Auto White Balance function throughout the night since I didn’t have a good source to set the white balance. The resulting pictures ended up with a color temperature range of 3250-3750, with most of them floating around the 3500 range. So I went with a color temperature of 3500 to keep an even white balance throughout all of the pics. In many of the pictures I would bring up the exposure to +.5 to +1 to brighten things up in general. But the piece that was most interesting was the use of adjusting the highlights versus adjusting the shadows in Photoshop. In a lot of cases only making adjustment to shadows actually made the crowd pop out more, so depending on the image I would make a +10 to +20 adjustment for shadows.

Given the limited light I had I knew I had to play with the contrast and clarity settings carefully as to not introduce image noise. This thought was applied more to the clarity setting, so contrast was typically set between 10-20 while clarity was usually around 10. This provided a bit more detail without putting more noise in the images.

As a whole I had a lot of fun covering this event. I’ve worked with the TX Chip peeps in the past on various events and they’re all cool people to work with. But I was really glad to cover an event that was just so outright FUN. So if you’re in the Austin area and you have the chance to go to a Party World Rasslin event I totally recommend it… even if you know nothing about wrestling.

Dec 17th: Super VG Christmas Party GETS WEIRD!

grey Dec 17th: Super VG Christmas Party GETS WEIRD!

On a special 2-hour edition of Getting Weird with Nole and Josh, we’ll be joined by Ian Luckey, the project coordinator and producer for Super VG Christmas Party, which came out recently.

We’ll be listening to as many tracks as we possibly can from this massive compilation, and fielding your questions for Ian about the project.

So for now, download this awesome compilation of winter/Christmas themed songs from over 100 musicians. This is OVER TWO HOURS OF MUSIC FOR FREE!!

Per usual, use the links below to get involved and voice your questions:

Listen Live:
Join the Chat:


Thursday Update, DOOM turns 21, Super VG Xmas Album, NXTRevolution


So I’ve been trying to get this update out for a few hours, but between NXTRevolution &  The Black Tribbles both being amazing tonight, and then I discovered this.

D00m turned 21 on December 10th. Not only is DOOM 21, but John Romero is releasing concept art via his personal Twitter, and it is completely fascinating!  Check out some of the gems, including DOOM GUY projected on a building!

Super VG Christmas Album

Most folks around the office/work are playing their boring ass Christmas albums. Good thing that 42 artists from the VGM community are here to save us from more uninspired bland Christmas covers!

[bandcamp width=400 height=472 album=479303407 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 artwork=small]


Video Game Music Featured in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

grey Video Game Music Featured in Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade
Across the world the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is a tradition since 1924, and this year we’ve discovered there will be a treat for Video Game Music fans!
A dance routine to feature nearly 500 dancers from across the United States will feature a choreographed dance to video game music!! Some game titles announced were Mario Kart and Pac-Man, and the dance will take place in front of Macy’s store during the parade.

Historical Significance

This is a landmark moment for Video Game Music. While video game characters have been featured in the form of Sonic (1993),  Pikachu (2001), and this year’s debut of Eruptor from Skylanders, video game music itself has never been a feature in the parade. As halftime shows at college football games have shown, these routines have mainstream appeal, and the organization of 500 dancers from all over the country should prove to be a wonderful moment for us VGM fans.

8bitX Thanksgiving Programming

While you are out and about 8bitX will be featuring blocks of music from Tecmo Bowl to celebrate Thanksgiving!
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grey Video Game Music Featured in Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade